Ich bin der Strahlenreiter und wenn mich eine fliegende Untertasse mit ihrem Raketenziegelstein angreift, dann schiesse ich sie mit meinem Laserlasso ab.
ZX81 Version
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Beamrider / ZX81 version Beamrider / ZX81 version
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32Kbyte (48K recommended) Hires-compatible RAM Expansion
The cassette file fits into 16Kbyte, but after decompression it will occupy around 24Kbytes, and additionally requires 6Kbyte bitmap memory. On a 48Kbyte computer it'll also do some video caching for smoother graphics.
Joystick (wired to A12 line in keyboard matrix)
The game can be also played via Cursor or Q,A,O,P,Space keyboard keys, but a joystick will greatly help to control the game.