Here are the release notes for all no$cpc versions. I didn't log all news for the older versions, but attempted to compile that information as good as I could remember it. First, here's the summary - more detailed info follows below.
v1.8  11/00  cpc plus, oversize display, scanline based, a22i/xed interaction..
v1.7  09/00  digital sound, windows version, automatic keyboard language...
v1.6  09/98  some small details & bugfixes...
v1.5  01/98  various details, bugfixes, speedup...
v1.4  08/97  extra fast protected mode, detailed F10 hw-info screen
v1.3  08/96  mouse support, dizzy colors, online assembler, exe-format..
v1.2  03/96  called it 'no$cpc', snapshots, disk copyprotections, multisplits..
v1.0  11/95  the first 2 months - most things are basically working
--    09/95  cpc emulator project started
--    XX/86? my first own computer: got a cpc 6128 from my parents

Version 1.8 - 2nd November 2000
New in this version are: CPC Plus support, more accurate video emulation, and various bugfixes and details. The XED editor and A22i assembler may be used as integrated development environment, ie. hitting F9 in the editor will automatically assemble the file, copy the resulting binary into a diskimage, and automatically start it in the emulator (for the DOS version this requires separately downloading XED from my webpage).

* cpc plus: 4096 color palette, realizes/freshens palette changes
* cpc plus: ASIC memory, unlock sequence, relock sequence
* cpc plus: cartridge LOW and UPPER rom / EMS memory
* cpc plus: cartridges (CPR files) may include header+data or just clean data
* cpc plus: ROM image optimize patches (differences to 6128)
* cpc plus: ROM image rescue patch (kills ugly burnin' rubber menu)
* cpc plus: ROM image datazones (differences to 6128 and amsdos)
* cpc plus: hardware sprites, x- and y-magnification, parts offscreen, softswap
* cpc plus: sound DMA (no idea if it works), sound interrupts
* cpc plus: raster interrupts, soft scrolling, split facility
* cpc plus: CRTC Register 0Ch: 8th printer bit, and 32K vram bit?
* cpc plus: help: cpc plus hardware description
* cpc plus: no$gmb style color pool for up to 240 different colors on screen
* cpc plus: recognizes/ignores FDC command 0 (amsdos coldboot vs |cpm conflict)
* cpc plus: stack initialized at C000 instead 0000 (No Exit doesn't init SP)
* a22i/copy/edit: supports data exchange with MV/EXT dsks instead no$-dsks only
* a22i: xed/a22i interaction (lineno, autostart from editor, autoedit errors)
* a22i: fixed indirect 16bit ix/iy load commands like LD IX,(NNNN)
* a22i: copies assembled BIN files to BOOTDISK.DSK and autoloads/starts that
* a22i: autoloads and autostarts assembled cartridge CPR files
* a22i: assembler directive ".cpr" generates cpc plus cartridge (max 16Kbyte)
* video: supports multiple vertical-total areas per screen (netherworld)
* video: optional 360x240 oversize video mode, 256 color 640x200 and 720x240
* video: new video modes supporting VESA bios/driver and Tseng ET3000/ET4000
* video: scanline based display redraw mode (slow but more accurate)
* video: windows version invalidates/redraws screen border only if changed
* snapshots: new SNA format (v3) includes more details and supports cpc plus
* snapshots: uses SAVE-dialog (windows), fixed crash when hitting ESC (dos)
* file popup menu: added eject disk a/b functions
* setup: separate LK4 option (screen refresh), new LK7 option (bootsector)
* printer: defaults to new setting (none) - avoids windows NT lock ups
* rom: reduced 464/664/6128/PLUS system roms from 160K to 70K (cpc-pack.asm)
* rom: attached 464/664/6128/PLUS system roms as overlay to no$cpc.exe
* debugger: I/O Map shows state of BDIR/BC1
* debugger: I/O Map screen updated after run/trace in windows version also
* filemenu: allows more than 3 extensions/filetypes (DSK,ZIP,ARJ, and new CPR)
* about: aboutbox in dos version, icon: new amstrad icon (diagonal red line)
* emudetail: better offgrid interrupt emulation clears bit 5 (thanks ulrich)
* emudetail: gate array may manually acknowledge crtc interrupt (arnold5.rtf)
* emudetail: DAA instruction returns 100% correct AF for all 65536 incoming AF
* emudetail: enabled logic-command trueflags (undoc mask 28h) (shogun loader)
* emufix: enabled interseg_pipe/reljumps in windows & dos-rmode version (gryzor)
* emufix: unused keyboard rows (night shade, thanks cesario for bug report)
* emufix: fixed _@ADJUST_SP with SP=0000 in windows version (guild of thieves)
* emufix: major bug in _@mov_eintcount_ax macro didn't clear upper bits of eax
* emufix: refixed outi in 486 dos version (bh was set to zero before bl,[xbx])
* emufix: repaired fast write char in rmode dos version (symbol after 0, cp/m+)
* flat32: anal_sticks resets whole 8bit stick_present if absent (stuck 56rtttt)
* speedup: implemented no$msx boost-method (no delays during disk-io and reset)
* speedup: megaboost, switches to hispeed mode if more than 5 wrchr per frame
* speedup: uses spus/spop dummy macros instead push/pop ds/es in flat32 version
* calmdown: unlimted mhz disaster settings 100% and 50% frames working now
* internal: no$gmb shared init_path_sub,disksethomedir
* help: recognizes mouseclicks to place cursor/follow links (dos version)
* help: new chapter about repairing monitor (brightn/contrast/vhold regulators)
* help: added chapter about registering, exitmsg/aboutbox realizes reg-key file
* btw: programmed NO$CART (converts DSK-images to CPR-images, see webpage)

Version 1.7 - 5th September 2000
After not updating no$cpc for almost two years, and working on my gameboy emulator instead, I became pissed off by the gameboy users whom are too cheap to pay lousy $5 for that emulator - and turned back to the roots. So here's a new no$cpc update, beside for various small details it's now available as fully decadent windows version also, and it's now including a digital sound engine.
* utility: filecopy should work form CPC to DOS now either (no$cpc DSKs only)
* keyb: DOS version supports AUTOMATIC keyboard translation (not drdos6 keyb)
* option: override protection for files that are saved as SAVE"FILENAME.BAS",P
* help: layout, 128K size, bold, hardware specs, repairing, connectors, etc.
* sound: beside for old adlib sound also got a fine new digital sound engine
* operating system ROMs moved to single file NO$CPC.ROM
  (Content: 464,664,6128,AMSDOS) (as side effect offers better compression)
* alternate name for FILES.LST could be also NO$CPC.LST
* recombined MSX and CPC sources:
    Z80 core, HACK debugger, PSG core, various SETup and other GUI/System things
  in result, no$cpc news are:
    windows version, doskey .INP file
    new FILES.LST format: "Description>Dskname [Runname]"
- 11 july 00 started with flat32 port / 16 july, 01:20 AM: amstrad basic works!
* fix: emu restarts at @@backreset instead @@cpuloop (brucelee title/486rmode)
* debugger can also follow DJNZ instructions via cursor right (as no$msx)
* DOS shell hotkey (no$gmb like ctrl+O)
* disassembler: dis2file starts at TOP of codewin, bit/res/set as ONE digit N
* utility: particulary filecopy (from dos to cpc works okay) (no$cpc DSKs only)
* filemenu: fixed small glitch, happened in version 1.6 when showing [CPC]
* f11/f12 keys: new xkey compatibility

Version 1.6 - 5th September 1998
This has been the last no$cpc version - at least for the next two years. I meanwhile spent most of my energies on improving my gameboy emulator, but still spent some time on some final details:
* toad security: removed except in dirt versions and added more secure rate 64
* printer port emulation: fixed script file bug in protected mode version
* setup: win98 CPU resources option (must be disabled if not supported!!!;-)
* source: removed all IFDEFs (tasm4 compatibility, but tasm4 is TOO SLOW anyway)
* no$cpc.exe: compressed 386/486 exefiles to a size less than happy 60KBytes
* setup: saved to external .cfg file, allows no$cpc.exe to be renamed/compressed
* hercules: /h on VGA uses B800 instead B000 (compatible to illegal QEMM)
* no$ eee.bat auto-installs directory-structure if somebody forgot -d
* speedup: re-defaults to LK=50Hz (makes uninitialized games more secure)
* speedup: temp-defaulted to LK=60Hz (made uninitialized games faster)
* speedup: optionally reduced display refresh rates 50% and 20% (if any)
* combifix: 2x25 lines/diskextract combination fixed (display bug)
* speedup: optionally fast toad mem refresh (but it is a bit DANGEROUS!)
* extended disk format: discovered & fixed more differences to mv-format
* versions: removed non-pmode dirty versions, use pmode if you want fast code
* CPU: identifies CPU and gives errmess if it's not supported :-)
* Performance: Optionally shows speed relative to real CPC (no$gmb like)
* Snapshot: saves filenames for disks in drive a: and b: format as follows:
   75-81  13 bytes for 'FILENAME.DSK' of drive A terminated by 00
   82-8E  13 bytes for 'FILENAME.DSK' of drive B terminated by 00
   an empty string or invalid filename indicates 'disc missing'
* Filemenu: quicksearch (entering first letters of filename) (code from no$gmb)
* Filemenu: recognizes additional harddisks, CD-ROMS, etc (from no$gmb/rusty)
* Internal: source code segment alignment cleared
* Keyboard: PC keyboard compatibility (code taken from no$gmb)

Version 1.5 - 19 January 1998
* bugfix for hercules display routines in protected mode (hardly really used)
* bugfix for out block command (bug implemented months ago during speedup)
* bugfix for block search command (bug noticed and forgetten in former days)
* bugfix for load snapshot (128K only or something)
* optimized block transfer command
* bugfixes are for feud,elevator action,duet (probably some more)
* files.lst search command does not need pressing 'S' first, not no more
* hercules bugfixed (scrolling), cga support, ega merely supported in cga mode
* both herc & cga support delicious true grayscale emulation in 16 color mode
Previous Version's Date: 27 November 97
* xtra-fast protected mode version got vcpi (emm386) compatible
  (this is not in standard version, as stupid windows offers no vcpi)
* keypad"+" Whoosh button, no delays as long as pressed (very useful for elite)
* supports DOS Commandline parameters (dsk-name, optional run-name)
* optimized waitstate emulation so guild of thieves (etc) won't shutdown anymore
* supports illegal stupid ED-commands (those are generally never used)
* speedup: if your adlib/sb likes quick delays, you can enable in sound setup
* supports the senseless extended dsk format (the pawn at
* setup option to modify/disable key repeat rate (useful for basic or cpm
  prompts and for text-adventures in unlimited mhz disaster)
* fixed debugger bug in pmode versions (F2-breakpoints)
Also new (according to the August/September release):
The version released at end of August was speeded up violently - and
had some new bugs implemented (oops). So here comes a BUG FREE
* cpm plus will work yet again
* the new pmode versions will load snapshots as other versions do
* cpm 2 will always work yet again
* RTC timer works again. INT 1C will be automatically used if RTC fails.
Also, there are some new features (According to August/September):
* emulation setup contains new 'intelligent flyback' option (which will
  speedup various games (e.g. zynaps)
* re-implemented zynaps title background ink flash
* added 'sticks disabled until button press' option (speedup)
* hercules HGC display supported
* removed 286 version (since 286 commands slow down 286 cpu, oops)
* added two new keyboard drivers (spain, netherlands)
* added the *PENTIUM* version update.

Version 1.4 - August 1997
Well, I have been sure that I would have programmed the fastest possible CPU emulation worldwide and happily enjoyed that feeling - until I have seen Herman Dullinks CPC03 emulator. He used the memory banking facility of 80386+ CPUs in protected mode, and that made his emulator a good bit faster than mine. So I added protected mode support either - and now it's (hopefully) the fastest emulation on earth :-)
* extra fast protected mode versions (still not vcpi/emm386 compatible though)
* invented version numbers (v14 in this case) or at least attempted to do so
* Special version for trashy Hercules Graphix available (contact me).
* utility menu: edit file (external edit), assemble file, disassemble to file
* fullscreen F10 HW-info displays info about all I/O regs
* fixed-settings screen

Version 1.3 - August/September 1996
As far as I remember, this is possibly the first public released version of no$cpc - uploaded it to the incoming directory of, as I still didn't owned an own webpage.

* program code exceeds 64K, ported it to EXE format with separate code segments
* debugger: dizzy colors, menubar, popup menues, mouse control, online assembler
* simple HW-info screen (crtc, psg, inks only)
* setup engine with separate emu/debug screens
* os-shell
* mouse pause menu, mouse stick emulation, mouse-copy-chr-on-screen

Version 1.2 - March 1996
Okay, meanwhile I discovered that no$cpc wasn't the first and/or only CPC emulator. Added the following things (after recovering from that discovery).
* renamed the program from "cpc EMU-lator" to "No$cpc"
* more detailed help text, separated into 10 chapters
* debugger supports standard 50 lines mode (additionally to tseng-only 60 lines)
* supports snapshots (using MV format either)
* supports MV-disk format additonally to my own nocash disk format
* largescr (home/end:anarachy, pgup/dn:solomkey,bionic,tempest,feud,donkey,gothic)
* 3..5zone vmode split (renegade start,return to oz)
* 3..5zone color split (elite,buggy boy,super cycle?)
* keyboard yline readback = 0 bzw. y (barbarian / starstrike,starglider)
* emulated (barbarian=rnd, commando=b7) or real refresh count (speedlock)
* disk sector-ID, control marks, secsize, etc. (copy protections)
* partical read track support (summer games 1, copy prot.)
* same sec IDs (bob winner, copy prot.)
* new british & french keyboard drivers

Version 1.0 - End of November 1995 - The first two months
My first emulator - I didn't even see any other emulator before, and when I started to make no$cpc I have been still sure that it'd be mostly impossible to emulate all hardware properly - and that it would run at least 100 times slower than a real CPC - well, and then it's been a nice discovery that it worked quite fine & fast on my 80386-33. The features have been:
* video emulation (VGA only), optionally color or "green monitor"
* adlib sound: three tone channels and 1 noise channel
* debugger with breakpoints, borland-style GUI, tracing, datazones
* F11 setup screen, F12 files.lst menu (allowing 4-character names CPC-NNNN.DSK)
* basic FOR I=1 TO 20000:NEXT almost as fast as real CPC (tested with 80386-33)
* 286-16 version exists, but it is not very fast
* vmode splitting (sorcery, antiriad, hexenkueche, escape from s.c., etc.)
* color splitting (sorcery,eidolon,mercenary,elite, buggy boy, wizball, etc.)
* max scan line modifications (buggy boy, live & let die)
* im_2 (boulder dash)
* illegals (ix) (many programs)
* illegals (cb30..7) (eidolon, way of the tiger)
* stupid illegals (DDCAnnnn, DD00) (topgun) (thrust2 ?)
* optional real refresh count (speedlock)
* ldi block detect (many games)
* adlib sound support
* joystick support, and keyboard emulated joystick support
* supports ARJ compressed dsk files (requires arj.exe)
* german/us keyboard driver

End of September 1995 - Project Started

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