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No$gba Downloads - no$gba v2.8 - 02 Feb 2015
Download no$gba Windows debug version (ca. 610 Kbytes)
Download no$gba Windows gaming version (ca. 180 Kbytes)
Download no$gba DOS gaming version (ca. 180 Kbytes)

Tech Docs
- gbatek.htm - GBA/NDS/DSi specs (html)
- gbatek.txt - GBA/NDS/DSi specs (txt)

Supporting the no$gba project
If somebody would like to help me on the nocash project, here's a list of some things that'd be useful to me, for research purposes:
- windows xp, english version (cdrom and licence/sticker)
- gba infra-red adapter
- gba wifi adapter
- commodore amiga 500 home computer (for emulating it whenever having time to do that)
- bug reports (detailed info please: say what does not work in which situations)
Monetary donations are also valuable support (I have no other income and need to eat, drink, smoke, work, and sleep somewhere, your support can make all that things possible).

No$gba is now fully freeware. Optional donations would be very welcome and valuable support for continuing the no$xxx projects.
In general, I am aiming at living with little money, and to work just for the fun it. However, in the past two years I ended up with too less money - which isn't really fun - I needed to borrow some money, and currently, a bag of coffee can appear like a big investment (I can still buy coffee, but doing so is making me feel uncomfortable, it's different from past years of big ease, where I would have bought such goods without second thought).
Not to mention the evil end-of-the-month: Without real job and without regular income, it's the day when I need to pay the rent - without getting any money (unless I am lucky and some people have gratefully donated something).
With donations you could really help me. But nevermind, no problem if you don't like to, or if you can't do so.

Other new projects
- no$psx - playstation 1 emulator/debugger
- no$sns - super nintendo emulator/debugger
And many more updated no$xxx versions.

Questions on how to use no$gba
Please send any questions on how to use the freeware version to a Forum. Hoping that other users can help you.
Non-technical bug reports, eg. "Princess Piggy can't fly in Level 3 of Animal Dreams IV", that information isn't useful to me, please go post it to a Forum or tell it to somebody else.
Technical bug reports, eg. "no$gba crashes on MOV R0,R7 opcodes on ARM7 CPU in NDS mode", that would be very interesting, please let me know about that things per email!

Freeware Games
pdroms. Homebrew games for GBA and NDS and other consoles (if pdroms wants you to buy a newer operating system: use the wayback machine to get around that stupid requirement).

no$gba debug version homepage
no$gba debug version screenshots

DSi mainboard signals, see more (the photos are from neimod and scanlime, and probing 0 ohm connections with a multimeter was done on my own mainboard). About as expected, that project has (almost) completely bricked the console: After probing the the SMD pins hundreds of times, the solder pads became deformed, producing shortcuts between pins. After reassembling the console and half-heartedly cleaning the solder pads, the first thing happening was blowing the battery fuse. After repairing the fuse and more cleaning it started working with nearly black screens, cleaning the backlight pins made it almost working, only the touchscreen and sound remained non-functional, and the tapping the power button caused white screens instead of doing a warmboot, which was apparently caused by dirt on one of the reset pins. Alltogether I've spent several hours on scratching the gaps between numerous SMD pins with a needle - and now everything seems to be back working.
The whole pinout project did take maybe 80 hours, whereas I just want to connect some wires to the NAND pins. And then I ended up with: Why not making a component list before modding the PCB? And why not probing the pinouts of the ribbon cable connectors? And hey, why not spending six more days on probing the whole chipset pinout?

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