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NDS Emulation
No$gba v2.2 contains some NDS emulation support.
No$gba v2.3 contains almost full NDS emulation support including 3D.
No$gba v2.3a now also contains NDS sound emulation.
No$gba v2.3b couple of bug fixes and details.
No$gba v2.3c some important nds-related additions/fixes.
No$gba v2.3d adds microphone support, 3d video improvements, full dos-dpmi compatibilty, and more programming specs.
No$gba v2.4 skinning support and more.
No$gba v2.4a fixes a newly discoverd adpcm sound bug...
No$gba v2.4b basic DS Wifi emulation (*), and full GBA e-Reader emulation
No$gba v2.4c some final details (mainly GUI and e-Reader related)
No$gba v2.4d lots of new info on wifi and ds-lite
No$gba v2.4e nds cheats
No$gba v2.4f couple of new details
No$gba v2.5 more and faster
No$gba v2.5a debug version bugfix
No$gba v2.5b 3d frameskip, 3d vram viewer, wifi details
No$gba v2.5c some stuff
No$gba v2.6 3d software rendering (circa 2x faster than opengl) (**)
No$gba v2.6a faster/better 3d shadow/edge/polyid/capture, backup detect, and more (***)
No$gba v2.7 various gba/nds/cpu/gui improvements and details
No$gba v2.7a fullscreen, fixes/details, started DSi research
No$gba v2.7b bigger nds flash.sav, 16bit audio, poc-xboo

(*) no$gba/wifi can send/receive packets, commercial programs are still getting stuck somewhere in transmission. NEW in v2.4d: Pictochat is now successfully exchanging authentication and associations requests and responses. After that, on real hardware, the host should immediately send data frames (via port 090h presumably), in no$gba, the host doesn't send any such data frames for whatever reason (only the client does, via port 094h). Info on fixing that problem would be highly welcome. Built-in help text (in debug ver) contains almost complete wifi specs now.

(**) faster rendering is mainly relevant to games that do not support frameskip (eg. games that use video capture to output 3d graphics to both screens) from my testings, games with two-dimensional polygon graphics are ca. 2x faster than with opengl (that including the cpu emulation, so the 'raw' rendering is apparently a lot faster). games with three-dimensional graphics are somewhat 1.6x faster than with opengl. above values are meant relative to microsoft's generic opengl driver, timings might eventually differ with drivers from other manufacturers. aside from faster emulation, the new software renderer additionally supports edge-marking, toon-table, and more accurate polygon sizes and positions. current version does still include an option for re-activing the old opengl renderer (for testing and comparision purposes) (there's also a new option to disable rendering, just to see how fast it could get without the 3d stuff).

(***) The 3D rendering engine is now almost twice as fast as in v2.6, parts due to using MMX code, parts due to general optimizations. Most games aren't running that much faster, though the improvement may be significant in games that have high rendering load combined with little cpu load.
The new Auto Backup detection does detect the correct type when starting the game, and (theoretically) it should properly save data later on in the game (though without at least a gigahertz computer, it'd be a pain to verify that).

No$gba Newest-Gaming-Version Downloads
Donate something (via paypal) and Download newest no$gba version (support the no$gba project)
If you have already donated something in past some months (around 12 months) then you can re-use the download address (if you've bookmarked it somewhere). Otherwise it would be very nice if you could donate a few dollars (if you can't or don't want to donate that much: mininum donation amount would be US$0.01) (or see below for downloading the next older no$gba version for free).

No$gba Freeware Version Downloads
Download windows version (ca. 170 Kbytes)
Download DOS version (ca. 170 Kbytes) (see notes below)
Download old no$gba v2.6a windows version (works with 'no$zoomer')

Supporting the no$gba project
If somebody would like to help me on the nocash project, here's a list of some things that'd be useful to me, for research purposes:
- nintento DSi console (or DSI XL, or 3DS, or other newer stuff)
- nintento DSi cartridge (or DSI XL, or 3DS, or other newer stuff)
- gba "nes classic" series game cartridge (a real cartridge, not a rom-image)
- gba infra-red adapter
- gba wifi adapter
- commodore amiga 500 home computer (for emulating it whenever having time to do that)
- bug reports (detailed info please: say what does not work in which situations)
Paypal donations are also valuable support (I have no other income and need to eat, drink, smoke and sleep somewhere, your support can make all that things possible).

Other new projects
- no$psx - playstation 1 emulator/debugger
- no$sns - super nintendo emulator/debugger
And many more updated no$xxx versions.

Download other GBA Emulators
Don't like no$gba? It's a tiny silly cluttered program, doesn't work, and is only some few hundred kilobytes?
No problem, please find the best, newest, and biggest GBA emulators on google (alltogether, that are megabytes of really cool stuff).

Questions on how to use no$gba
Please send any questions on how to use the freeware version to a Forum. Hoping that other users can help you.
Non-technical bug reports, eg. "Princess Piggy can't fly in Level 3 of Animal Dreams IV", that information isn't useful to me, please go post it to a Forum or tell it to somebody else.
Technical bug reports, eg. "no$gba crashes on MOV R0,R7 opcodes on ARM7 CPU in NDS mode", that would be very interesting, please let me know about that things per email!

Freeware Games
pdroms. Homebrew games for GBA and NDS and other consoles (if pdroms wants you to buy a newer operating system: use the wayback machine to get around that stupid requirement).

Notes on no$gba DOS version
It's the superior operating system, unfortunately most people only want to use the fancy windows version. In result, I haven't yet put too efforts into polishing up the DOS version, still it should be the only existing/working GBA/NDS emulator for DOS (for NDS: without microphone, and without touchscreen in DOS version).

No$gba Gameboy Advance / Nintendo DS Debugger

The debug version has been exclusively designed for professional developers.
It is not a toy. It is not freeware. And it is completely useless for gamers.

No$gba as a Programming Tool
For programmers, the no$gba debug version is a wonderful useful tool, making it easier to them to make better games in less time. If you are a programmer, be sure to have a look at,
no$gba debug version homepage
no$gba debug version screenshots
I hope it will be a valuable tool being worth every cent if you should decide to buy it.
If you are not a programmer, then the debugging functions are completely useless to you, the debug version doesn't even support cheats! Really, you don't want to use that! Don't worry, no problem, just go using the no$gba freeware version for gamers.

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