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No$gba Downloads - no$gba v2.7c - 28 Jul 2014
Download no$gba Windows debug version (ca. 610 Kbytes)
Download no$gba Windows gaming version (ca. 180 Kbytes)
Download no$gba DOS gaming version (ca. 180 Kbytes)

Supporting the no$gba project
If somebody would like to help me on the nocash project, here's a list of some things that'd be useful to me, for research purposes:
- gba infra-red adapter
- gba wifi adapter
- commodore amiga 500 home computer (for emulating it whenever having time to do that)
- bug reports (detailed info please: say what does not work in which situations)
Paypal donations are also valuable support (I have no other income and need to eat, drink, smoke, work, and sleep somewhere, your support can make all that things possible).

Other new projects
- no$psx - playstation 1 emulator/debugger
- no$sns - super nintendo emulator/debugger
And many more updated no$xxx versions.

Questions on how to use no$gba
Please send any questions on how to use the freeware version to a Forum. Hoping that other users can help you.
Non-technical bug reports, eg. "Princess Piggy can't fly in Level 3 of Animal Dreams IV", that information isn't useful to me, please go post it to a Forum or tell it to somebody else.
Technical bug reports, eg. "no$gba crashes on MOV R0,R7 opcodes on ARM7 CPU in NDS mode", that would be very interesting, please let me know about that things per email!

Freeware Games
pdroms. Homebrew games for GBA and NDS and other consoles (if pdroms wants you to buy a newer operating system: use the wayback machine to get around that stupid requirement).

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