DS Cart Infrared/Pedometers Contents

NDS/DSi Cartridges with IR port
DS Cart Infrared Cartridge SPI Commands
DS Cart Infrared Cartridge Memory Map

Activity Meter
Pedometer with 2-color LED and button. Step counter results can be transferred to NDS via IrDA.
DS Cart Infrared Activity Meter IR Commands
DS Cart Infrared Activity Meter Memory Map

Pedometer with LCD, speaker, and three buttons. The purpose is more or less unknown: Apart from communicating with the NDS, the IrDA can be also used communicate with other P-Walkers (maybe for trading/fighting?). The GUI supports Teams, Routes, Events, Items (maybe for some built-in interactice game engine?). There is no intended way to run custom program code (though it can be tweaked to do so via CPU Memory Write command).
DS Cart Infrared P-Walker IR Commands
DS Cart Infrared P-Walker Memory Map
DS Cart Infrared P-Walker Ports LCD Controller SSD1854
DS Cart Infrared P-Walker Ports Accelerometer BMA150

Component Lists
DS Cart Infrared Component Lists

H8/38602 CPU series with H8/300H instruction set
The NDS cartridges and Activity Meter and P-Walker contain Renesas H8/3860X CPUs with H8/300H instruction set and on-chip firmware. In the cartridge it's merely used for forwading IR messages via SPI bus, in the pedometer it's handling step sensors, step counting, EEPROM logging, buttons, LED/LCD, RTC/time, IR messages, etc.
H8/386 SFRs
H8/386 Exception Vectors
H8/300H Operands
H8/300H Opcodes

  H8/300H Series Programming Manual (Hitachi, 257 pages)  ;-Opcodes
  H8/38602R Group Hardware Manual (Renesas, 554 pages)    ;-SFR's
  The addition of H8/38606 Group (Renesas, 6 pages)       ;-FLASH/ROM/RAM
For P-Walker:
  BMA150 Triaxial digital acceleration sensor Data sheet (Bosch, 56 pages)
  SSD1854 Advance Information (Solomon System, 48 pages)  ;-LCD driver

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