Update 12/2022...
After posting the text below, my patreon account somehow went up from around 200 EUR to near 800 EUR, that came completely unexpected, I just wasn't aware that I could get that much money...
I am still homeless, but I am now a good bit more optimistic about the future (and it's a very big relief to be able to exist without permanent worries about looming monthly invoices).
Thank you all!

Original text 5/2022...

I am homeless in Hamburg - please help me out.
I am looking for a place where I could live and work in Hamburg, Germany (or not too far away from there).

What I am looking for
A regular flat wouldn't be bad, although I would almost prefer some kind of informal housing (bauwagen, atelier, schrebergarten, tent, garden shed), even if it's uninhabitable in winter - just having some personal space in spring/summer/autumn would be a huge improvement.
A shared space would be fine - if it's also providing personal space (I like to meet people once and then, and talk about non-technical things, but I can also get absorbed and work for days without meeting other people). A garden would be particulary neat for growing some tobacco plants (tax free for personal use).

Where I am now
I am currently living in a small room stacked with cardboard boxes at my parents home. Before that, I've been happily living in a rundown flat for about 15 years (which ended with some broken promise that could move back in after repairs to the leaking roof).
Alongsides I've lost most of my social contacts (basically visiting local events and looking who's showing up that night, which was fine, until getting relocated to a place miles away from the old neighborhood).

How I am
Bad, unhappy, hopeless, worse than that. I am meanwhile pretty much afraid of life, and also afraid of changing my situation. It would be a huge gift if somebody knows a place where I could stay & invite me to have a look. I currently don't have a telephone of my own (and tend to work at night and sleep all day long), but you can reach me per email