NO$NES (c) Martin Korth
nocash NES/FDS/PC10/VS emulator/debugger for windows

Hello to No$nes - version 1.1


Here is...

Downloading No$nes

Download includes the emulator, debugger, and a copy of the everynes document (in help text).
It does not include any games, nor the Famicom Disk System BIOS (file DISKSYS.ROM, size 8192 Bytes, required for FDS games only).

  o   no$nes v1.1, windows 32bit version - approx 390 KBytes
  o   no$nes v1.0, windows 32bit version - approx 210 KBytes

  o   DOS version - none such yet, sorry (the old no$xxx DOS GUI is by now exceeding the 64Kbyte limit, and portions of that code would be still needed to be ported from 16bit to 32bit).

News in v1.1 include support for around 30 different controllers and add-ons, as well as support for arcade/hotelbox variants such like the PC10 with its second monitor and Z80 coprocessor. More info is found in the release notes.

Bug reports and comments would be very welcome!

Related Stuff

  o   everynes.htm - a copy of the tech stuff from the no$nes manual, html version.
  o   everynes.txt - same as above, text version.
  o - utility for upgrading old incompletely dumped PC10 ROM-images.
  o   Magic Floor - a small NES game, including sample source code for the assembler in no$nes utility menu.
  o   Emailing me - nes/famicom feeback very welcome.
  o   Mailing me - my mailing address.
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