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GPU.TXT by doomed/padua; based on info from K-communications & Nagra/Blackbag
GTE.TXT by doomed@c64.org / psx.rules.org
SPU.TXT by doomed@c64.org / psx.rules.org
CDINFO.TXT by doomed with big thanks to Barubary, who rewrote a large part
SYSTEM.TXT by doomed with thanx to Herozero for breakpoint info
PS_ENG.TXT PlayStation PAD/Memory Interface Protocol by HFB03536
IDT79R3041 Hardware User's Manual by Integrated Device Technology, Inc.
IDTR3051, R3052 RISController User's Manual by Integrated Device Technology
PSX.* by Joshua Walker (additional details in various distorted file formats)
LIBMIRAGE by Rok; info/source code for various cdrom-image formats
psxdev.ru; cdrom sub-cpu decapping

PSXSPX homepage
http://problemkaputt.de/psx.htm no$psx emulator/debugger
http://problemkaputt.de/psx-spx.htm psx specs in html formal
http://problemkaputt.de/psx-spx.txt psx specs in text formal

http://problemkaputt.de/email.htm (spam-shielded)

I am homeless in Hamburg, please help me out!

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