CDROM File Formats Contents

Official PSX File Formars
CDROM File Official Sony File Formats

CDROM File Playstation EXE and SYSTEM.CNF
CDROM File PsyQ .CPE Files (Debug Executables)
CDROM File PsyQ .SYM Files (Debug Information)

Video Files
CDROM File Video Texture Image TIM/PXL/CLT (Sony)
CDROM File Video Texture/Bitmap (Other)
CDROM File Video 2D Graphics CEL/BGD/TSQ/ANM/SDF (Sony)
CDROM File Video 3D Graphics TMD/PMD/TOD/HMD/RSD (Sony)
CDROM File Video STR Streaming and BS Picture Compression (Sony)

Audio Files
CDROM File Audio Single Samples VAG (Sony)
CDROM File Audio Sample Sets VAB and VH/VB (Sony)
CDROM File Audio Sequences SEQ/SEP (Sony)
CDROM File Audio Other Formats
CDROM File Audio Streaming XA-ADPCM
CDROM File Audio CD-DA Tracks

Virtual Filesystem Archives
PSX titles are quite often using virtual filesystems, with numerous custom file archive formats.
CDROM File Archives with Filename
CDROM File Archives with Offset and Size
CDROM File Archives with Offset
CDROM File Archives with Size
CDROM File Archives with Chunks
CDROM File Archives with Folders
CDROM File Archives in Hidden Sectors
More misc stuff...
CDROM File Archive HED/DAT/BNS/STR (Ape Escape)
CDROM File Archive WAD.WAD, BIG.BIN, JESTERS.PKG (Crash/Herc/Pandemonium)
CDROM File Archive BIGFILE.BIG (Gex)
CDROM File Archive BIGFILE.DAT (Gex - Enter the Gecko)
CDROM File Archive FF9 DB (Final Fantasy IX)
CDROM File Archive Ace Combat 2 and 3
CDROM File Archive NSD/NSF (Crash Bandicoot 1-3)
CDROM File Archive STAGE.DIR and *.DAT (Metal Gear Solid)
CDROM File Archive DRACULA.DAT (Dracula)
CDROM File Archive Croc 1 (DIR, WAD, etc.)
CDROM File Archive Croc 2 (DIR, WAD, etc.)
CDROM File Archive Headerless Archives
Using archives can avoid issues with the PSX's poorly implemented ISO filesystem: The PSX kernel supports max 800h bytes per directory, and lacks proper caching for most recently accessed directories (additionally, some archives can load the whole file/directory tree from continous sectors, which could be difficult in ISO filesystems).

CDROM File Compression

CDROM File XYZ and Dummy/Null Files

The BIOS seems to support only (max) 8-letter filenames with 3-letter extension, typically all uppercase, eg. "FILENAME.EXT". Eventually, once when the executable has started, some programs might install drivers for long filenames(?)

The PSX uses the standard CDROM ISO9660 filesystem without any encryption (ie. you can put an original PSX CDROM into a DOS/Windows computer, and view the content of the files in text or hex editors without problems).

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