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Action Replay, GameShark, Gamebuster, GoldFinger, Equalizer (Datel/clones)
The Datel devices exist in various official/cloned hardware revisions, the DB25 connector requires a special Comms Link ISA card (or a "FiveWire" mod for making it compatible with normal PC parallel ports). Later "PAR3" models are said to not require Comms Link, and do thus probably work directly with normal parallel ports).
Cheat Devices - Datel I/O
Cheat Devices - Datel DB25 Comms Link Protocol
Cheat Devices - Datel Chipset Pinouts
Cheat Devices - Datel Cheat Code Format

Xplorer/Xploder/X-Terminator (FCD/Blaze)
The FCD/Blaze devices are all same hardware-wise (with some cosmetic PCB revisions, and with extra SRAM and bigger FLASH installed in some carts). The DB25 connector can be directly connected to a PC parallel port.
Cheat Devices - Xplorer Memory and I/O Map
Cheat Devices - Xplorer DB25 Parallel Port Function Summary
Cheat Devices - Xplorer DB25 Parallel Port Command Handler
Cheat Devices - Xplorer DB25 Parallel Port Low Level Transfer Protocol
Cheat Devices - Xplorer Versions
Cheat Devices - Xplorer Chipset Pinouts
Cheat Devices - Xplorer Cheat Code Format
Cheat Devices - Xplorer Cheat Code and ROM-Image Decryption

FLASH Chips (for both Xplorer and Datel)
Cheat Devices - FLASH/EEPROMs - cheat code formats - cheat code formats - around 64 bios versions - xplorer bioses

Separating between Gameshark and Xplorer Codes
  First Digit  Usage
  3,8          Same for Gameshark & Xplorer (for Xplorer: can be encrypted)
  1,2,C,D,E    Gameshark
  4,6,7,9,B,F  Xplorer
  0,5          Meaning differs for Gameshark & Xplorer
  A            Unused

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