Controllers and Memory Cards Contents

Controllers/Memory Cards
Controller and Memory Card I/O Ports
Controller and Memory Card Misc
Controller and Memory Card Signals
Controller and Memory Card Multitap Adaptor

Controllers - Communication Sequence
Controllers - Standard Digital/Analog Controllers
Controllers - Mouse
Controllers - Racing Controllers
Controllers - Lightguns
Controllers - Configuration Commands
Controllers - Vibration/Rumble Control
Controllers - Analog Buttons (Dualshock2)
Controllers - Dance Mats
Controllers - Fishing Controllers
Controllers - I-Mode Adaptor (Mobile Internet)
Controllers - Keyboards
Controllers - Additional Inputs
Controllers - Misc

Memory Cards
Memory Card Read/Write Commands
Memory Card Data Format
Memory Card Images
Memory Card Notes

Pocketstation (Memory Card with built-in LCD screen and buttons)

Pinouts - Controller Ports and Memory-Card Ports

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