Expansion Port (PIO) Contents

Expansion Port can contain ROM, RAM, I/O Ports, etc. For ROM, the first 256 bytes would contain the expansion ROM header.

For region 1, the CPU outputs a chip select signal (CPU Pin 98, /EXP).
For region 2, the CPU doesn't produce a chip select signal (the region is intended to contain multiple I/O ports, which do require an address decoder anyways, that address decoder could treat any /RD or /WR with A13=Hi and A23=Hi and A22=Lo as access to expansion region 2 (for /WR, A22 may be ignored; assuming that the BIOS is read-only).

The BIOS initalizes Expansion Region 1 to 512Kbyte with 8bit bus, and Region 2 to 128 bytes with 8bit bus. However, the size and data bus-width of these regions can be changed, see:
Memory Control
For Region 1, 32bit reads are supported even in 8bit mode (eg. 32bit opcode fetches are automatically processed as four 8bit reads).
For Region 2, only 8bit access seems to be supported (except that probably 16bit mode allows 16bit access), anyways, larger accesses seem to cause exceptions... not sure if that can be disabled...?

Expansion 1 - EXP1 - Intended to contain ROM
EXP1 Expansion ROM Header

Expansion 2 - EXP2 - Intended to contain I/O Ports
EXP2 Dual Serial Port (for TTY Debug Terminal)
EXP2 DTL-H2000 I/O Ports
EXP2 Post Registers
EXP2 Nocash Emulation Expansion

Expansion 3 - EXP3 - Intended to contain RAM
Not used by BIOS nor by any games. Seems to contain 1Mbyte RAM with 16bit databus (ie. 512Kx16) in DTL-H2000.

Other Expansions
Aside from the above, the Expansion regions can be used for whatever purpose, however, mind that the BIOS is reading from the ROM header region, and is writing to the POST register (so 1F000000h-1F0000FFh and 1F802041h should be used only if the hardware isn't disturbed by those accesses).

Missing Expansion Port
The expansion port is installed only on older PSX boards, newer PSX boards and all PSone boards don't have that port. However, the CPU should still output all expansion signals, and there should be big soldering points on the board, so it'd be easy to upgrade the console.

Latched Address Bus
Note that A0..A23 are latched outputs, so they can be used as general purpuse 24bit outputs, provided that the system bus isn't used for other purposes (such like /BIOS, /SPU, /CD accesses) (A0..A23 are not affected by Main RAM and GPU addressing, nor by internal I/O ports like Timer and IRQ registers).

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