Hardware Numbers Contents

Sony's own hardware (for PSX) (can be also used with PSone)
  SCPH-1000 PlayStation (1994) (NTSC-J)   (with S-Video)
  SCPH-1001 PlayStation (1995) (NTSC-U/C) (without S-Video)
  SCPH-1002 PlayStation (199x) (PAL)      (without S-Video)
  SCPH-1010 Digital joypad (with short cable) (1994)
  SCPH-1020 Memory Card 1Mbits (1994)
  SCPH-1030 2-button Mouse (with short cable) (1994)
  SCPH-1040 Serial Link Cable
  SCPH-1050 RGB Cable (21-pin RGB Connector)
  SCPH-1060 RFU Cable/Adaptor (antennae connector) (NTSC-JP?) (1995)
  SCPH-1061 RFU Cable/Adaptor (antennae connector) (NTSC-US?)
  SCPH-1062 RFU Cable/Adaptor (antennae connector) (PAL)
  SCPH-1070 Multitap adaptor (four controllers/memory cards on one slot) (1995)
  SCPH-1080 Digital joypad (with longer cable) (1996)
  SCPH-1090 2-button Mouse (with longer cable) (1998)
  SCPH-1100 S Video Cable (1995)
  SCPH-1110 Analog Joystick (1996)
  SCPH-1120 RFU Adaptor (antennae connector) (NTSC-JP?) (1996)
  SCPH-1121 RFU Adaptor (antennae connector) (NTSC-US?)
  SCPH-1122 RFU Adaptor (antennae connector) (PAL)
  SCPH-1130 AC Power Cord (1996)
  SCPH-1140 AV Cable (1997)
  SCPH-1150 Analog Joypad (with one vibration motor, with red/green led) (1997)
  SCPH-1160 AV Adaptor (1997)
  SCPH-1170 Memory Card Triple Pack (three Memory Cards) (1996)
  SCPH-1180 Analog Joypad (without vibration motors, with red/green led)
  SCPH-119X Memory Card (X=different colors) (1997)
  SCPH-1200 Analog Joypad (with two vibration motors) (dualshock) (1997)
  SCPH-1210 Memory Card Case (1998)
  SCPH-2000 Keyboard/Mouse adapter (PS/2 to PSX controller port; for Lightspan)
  SCPH-3000 PlayStation (1995) (NTSC-J) (with the S-video output removed)
  SCPH-3500 PlayStation Fighting Box (console bundled with 2 controllers)(1996)
  SCPH-4000 PocketStation (Memory Card with LCD-screen) (1999)
  SCPH-4010 VPick (guitar-pick controller) (for Quest for Fame, Stolen Song)
  SCPH-4020 Long Strap for PocketStation (1999)
  SCPH-4030 Wrist Strap for PocketStation (1999)
  SCPH-5000 PlayStation (cost reduced) (Japan) (1996)  ;\exists in these three
  SCPH-5001 PlayStation (cost reduced) (North America) ; regions only (not
  SCPH-5003 PlayStation                (Asia)          ;/in Europe)
  SCPH-5500 PlayStation without Cinch sockets (ie. AV Multi Out only) (1996)(J)
  SCPH-5501 "" North American version of the 5500
  SCPH-5502 "" European version of the 5500    (shipped with 1 digital joypad)
  SCPH-5552 Same as SCPH-5502 (but shipped with memcard and 2 digital joypads)
  SCPH-5903 PlayStation with built-in MPEG Video-CD decoder (Asia-only)
  SCPH-7000 PlayStation with Dualshock (1997) (Japan)
  SCPH-7001 PlayStation with Dualshock (199x) (North America)
  SCPH-7002 PlayStation with Dualshock (199x) (Europe)
  SCPH-7003 PlayStation with Dualshock (199x) (Asia)
  SCPH-7000W PlayStation (10 million model, not for sale, blue, region free)
  SCPH-7500 PlayStation with Dualshock, cost reduced (1999) (Japan)
  SCPH-7501 PlayStation with Dualshock, cost reduced (199x) (North America)
  SCPH-7502 PlayStation with Dualshock, cost reduced (199x) (Europe)
  SCPH-7503 PlayStation with Dualshock, cost reduced (199x) (Asia)
  SCPH-9000 PlayStation without Parallel I/O port (1999) (Japan)
  SCPH-9001 PlayStation without Parallel I/O port (199x) (North America)
  SCPH-9002 PlayStation without Parallel I/O port (199x) (Europe)
  SCPH-9003 PlayStation without Parallel I/O port (199x) (Asia)
  SCPH-9903 Rare SCEx-free PSX (Property of Sony Computer Entertainment, U/C)
  SCPH-1000R PlayStation Classic (2018) (ARM CPU with emulated PSX games)
  SFX-100   PlayStation Super Disc Prototype (with SNES chipset, no PSX chips)

Sony's own hardware (for PSone)
  SCPH-100 PSone (miniaturized PlayStation) (2000) (Japan)
  SCPH-101 PSone (miniaturized PlayStation) (200x) (North America)
  SCPH-102 PSone (miniaturized PlayStation) (200x) (Europe)
  SCPH-103 PSone (miniaturized PlayStation) (200x) (Asia)
  SCPH-102A PSone Europe (UK/AU, with A/V cable)     ;\revision of "SCPH-102"
  SCPH-102B PSone Europe (UK, with RFU adaptor)      ; with PM-41(2) board ?
  SCPH-102C PSone Europe (Continent, with A/V cable) ;/
  SCPH-110 Dual Analog Pad (for PSone) (Dualshock) (2000)
  SCPH-111 Multitap for PSone (seems to be quite rare, except in brazil)
  SCPH-112 AC adapter for PSone (In: 110-220VAC,  Out: 7.5VDC, 2.0A, Japan)
  SCPH-113 AC adapter for PSone (In: 120VAC/60Hz, Out: 7.5VDC, 2.0A, USA)
  SCPH-114 AC adapter for PSone (In: 220-240VAC,  Out: 7.5VDC, 2.0A, Europe)
  SCPH-115 AC adapter for PSone (In: 220-240VAC,  Out: 7.5VDC, 2.0A, UK)
  SCPH-116 AC adapter for PSone (In: 220-240VAC,  Out: 7.5VDC, 2.0A, Australia)
  SCPH-117 AC adapter for PSone (In: 110VAC,      Out: 7.5VDC, 2.0A, Asia?)
  SCPH-120 AC adapter for PSone with LCD Screen (In: 100VAC, Out: 7.5VDC, 3.0A)
  SCPH-130 LCD Screen for PSone (to be attached to the console) (2001)
  SCPH-140 PSone and LCD screen combo (2001)
  SCPH-152 LCD screen for PSone (PAL SCPH-152C)
  SCPH-162 PSone and LCD screen (PAL SCPH-162C)
  SCPH-170 Car Adapter for PSone from car cigarette lighter (2001)
  SCPH-180 AV Connection Cable for LCD-screen's AV IN
  SCPH-10180K DoCoMo I-Mode Adaptor Cable (for internet via mobile phones)

Sony's own devkits
  DTL-H201A Graphic Artist Board (ISA bus) (with NTSC video out)
  DTL-H240  PS-X RGB Cable
  DTL-H500C Digital joypad prototype (SNES-style design, with DB9 connector)
  DTL-H505  PS-X (Code Name) Target Box ? (PSX prototype, SCSI instead CDROM?)
  DTL-H700  Sound Artist Board (NuBus for Mac)
  DTL-H800  Sound Artist Board (PCI Bus for IBM) (with optical fibre sound out)
  DTL-H1000 Debugging Station (CD-R compatible PSX console) (Japan)
  DTL-H1001 Debugging Station (CD-R compatible PSX console) (North America)
  DTL-H1002 Debugging Station (CD-R compatible PSX console) (Europe)
  DTL-H1030 Mouse ?
  DTL-H1040 Link Cable ?
  DTL-H1050 RGB Cable ?
  DTL-H110x Debugging Station revision? (DC-powered)
  DTL-H120x Debugging Station revision? (AC-powered)
  DTL-H1500 Stand-Alone Box ? With ethernet, for SGI Workstation ?
  DTL-H2000 Dev board v1 (PSX on two ISA carts) (old pre-retail)
  DTL-H2010 Black External CDROM Drive for DTL-H2000 (CD-R compatible)
  DTL-H2040 Memory Box ?
  DTL-H2050 Adaptor for Controller port ?
  DTL-H2060 Serial Link cable
  DTL-H2070 RGB Cable ?
  DTL-H2080 Controller Box (joypad/memcard adaptor for DTL-H2000/DTL-xxxx?)
  DTL-H2500 Dev board (PCI bus)
  DTL-H2510 Gray Internal CDROM Drive for DTL-H2500/DTL-H2700 (CD-R compatible)
  DTL-H2700 Dev board (ISA bus) (CPU, ANALYZER ...?)
  DTL-H3000 Net Yaroze (hobby programmer dev kit) (Japan)
  DTL-H3001 Net Yaroze (hobby programmer dev kit) (North America)
  DTL-H3002 Net Yaroze (hobby programmer dev kit) (Europe)
  DTL-H3020 Access Card (for yaroze)
  DTL-H3050 Communication Cable (link port to rs232, for yaroze)
  DTL-D2020 Documentation: BUILD CD (Manual of Programmer's Tool)
  DTL-D2120 Documentation: (Manual of Programmer's Tool)
  DTL-D2130 Documentation: PsyQ (Manual of Programmer's Tool)
  DTL-D2130 Documentation: SdevTC (Manual of Programmer's Tool)
  DTL-D2140A Documentation: Ver.1.0 (Manual of Programmer's Tool)
  DTL-D2150A Documentation: Ver.2.0 (Manual of Programmer's Tool)

SN System / Psy-Q devkit add-ons / SCSI cards
  DTL-S510B Unknown (another CDROM emulator version?)
  DTL-S2020 CD-ROM EMULATOR for DTL-H2000/DTL-H2500/DTL-H2700

Sony Licensed Hardware (Japan)
  SLPH-00001 Namco neGcon (white) (NPC-101), Twist controller (SLEH-0003)
  SLPH-00002 Hori Fighting stick, digital stick with autofire/slowmotion/rumble
  SLPH-00003 ASCII Fighter stick V, psx-shaped digital stick (SLEH-0002)
  SLPH-00004 Sunsoft Sunstation pad, digital pad with autofire/slowmotion
  SLPH-00005 ASCII ASCIIPAD V, digital pad with autofire/slowmotion
  SLPH-00006 Imagineer Sandapaddo ThunderPad
  SLPH-00007 SANKYO N.ASUKA aka Nasca Pachinco Handle, bizarre paddle
  SLPH-00008 Spital SANGYO Programmable joystick
  SLPH-00009 Hori Fighting commander 2way controller
  SLPH-00010 Optec Super Pro Commander
  SLPH-00011 Super Pro Commander Accessory / Extended memo repack memory
  SLPH-00012 Hori Fighting Commander 10B Pad (gray), digital pad with extras
  SLPH-00013 Konami Hyper Blaster (green)  ;\IRQ10-based Lightgun
  SLPH-00014 Konami Hyper Blaster (black)  ;/(SLEH-0005/SLUH-00017)
  SLPH-00015 Namco Volume controller, paddle with 2 buttons
  SLPH-00016 Waka Up Scan Converter "[chiyo] clean! peripheral equipment?"
  SLPH-00017 Hori Fighting Commander 10B Pad (black), digital pad with extras
  SLPH-00018 Hori Real Arcade Stick, digital stick, small L1/L2 (HPS-10)
  SLPH-00019 Konami Hyperstick
  SLPH-00020 Imagineer Thunder Pad Transparent
  SLPH-00021 Imagineer Imagegun
  SLPH-00022 Optec AI Commander Pro, digital pad with extras / lcd display
  SLPH-00023 Namco Joystick (SLEH-00004)
  SLPH-00024 Optec Cockpit Wheel, analog joystick/analog pedals or so
  SLPH-00025 Optec AI Commander Accessory (extended memo repack ZERO2 version)
  SLPH-00026 Hori Command Stick PS (SLPH-00026 aka HPS11)
  SLPH-00027 ASCII Grip, single-handed digital pad (SLEH-00008)
  SLPH-00028 Hori Grip (gray) (see also: SLPH-00040, and 00086..00088)
  SLPH-00029 Hori Horipad (clear), digital pad
  SLPH-00030 Hori Horipad (black), digital pad
  SLPH-00031 Hori Horipad (gray),  digital pad
  SLPH-00032 Hori Horipad (white), digital pad
  SLPH-00033 Hori Horipad (blue),  digital pad
  SLPH-00034 Namco G-CON 45, Cinch-based Lightgun (SLEH-0007/SLUH-00035)
  SLPH-00035 ASCII Fighter stick V Jr. (SLEH-00009)
  SLPH-00036 Optec Wireless Dual Shot, digital pad with turbo button
  SLPH-00037 ?
  SLPH-00038 ASCII Pad V Jr., digital pad without any extras
  SLPH-00039 ASCII Pad V2 (gray), digital pad with turbo switches (SLEH-00010)
  SLPH-00040 Hori Grip (black)
  SLPH-00041 ASCII Grip V
  SLPH-00042 ASCII Grip V plus (Derby Stallion'99 supplement set), single-hand
  SLPH-00043 ASCII Pad V2 (clear pink)
  SLPH-00044 ASCII Pad V2 (clear white)
  SLPH-00045 ASCII Pad V2 (clear blue)
  SLPH-00046 ASCII Pad V2 (clear green)
  SLPH-00047 ASCII Pad V2 (clear black)
  SLPH-00048 ASCII Pad V2 (clear red/lead?)
  SLPH-00049 ASCII Pad V2 (clear yellow)
  SLPH-00050 ASCII Pad V2 (clear orange)
  SLPH-00051 Taito Streetcar GO! Controller 2 steering "wheel?" tie toe strange
  SLPH-00052 Koei Video Capture, Ergosoft EGWord, and Lexmark Printer bundle
  SLPH-00053 Koei Word Processor Ergosoft September EGWORD Ver.2.00
  SLPH-00054 Hori Zerotech Steering Controller (black)
  SLPH-00055 Hori Grip (clear blue)
  SLPH-00056 Hori Grip (clear pink)
  SLPH-00057 Hori Grip (clear yellow)
  SLPH-00058 ASCII Pad V2 (gold)
  SLPH-00059 ASCII Pad V2 (silver)
  SLPH-00060 ASCII Biohazard, digital pad with re-arranged buttons (SLEH-0011)
  SLPH-00061 ASCII Pad V2 (pearl white)
  SLPH-00062 ASCII Pad V2 (pearl blue)
  SLPH-00063 ASCII Pad V2 (pearl pink)
  SLPH-00064 ASCII Pad V2 (pearl green)
  SLPH-00065 ASCII Pad V Pro, with lcd for button-combinations (ASC-0508GX)
  SLPH-00066 ASCII Arcade Stick 3 "Ultimate"
  SLPH-00067 ASCII Pad V2 (purple metallic)
  SLPH-00068 ASCII Pad V2 (lead metallic)
  SLPH-00069 Namco neGcon (black) (NPC-104), Twist controller (SLEH-0003)
  SLPH-00070 Sankyo Pachinko FF Controller (alternate to SLPH-00007)
  SLPH-00071 Hori Command Stick PS Custom
  SLPH-00072 ASCII Command Pack (memory card add-on or so)
  SLPH-00073 Optec Wireless digital set (gray)         ;\
  SLPH-00074 Optec Wireless digital set (black)        ; pad with receiver
  SLPH-00075 Optec Wireless digital set (clear)        ;
  SLPH-00076 Optec Wireless digital set (clear blue)   ;
  SLPH-00077 Optec Wireless digital set (clear black)  ;/
  SLPH-00078 Optec Wireless digital shot (gray)        ;\
  SLPH-00079 Optec Wireless digital shot (black)       ; extra pad for
  SLPH-00080 Optec Wireless digital shot (clear)       ; second player
  SLPH-00081 Optec Wireless digital shot (clear blue)  ; (without receiver)
  SLPH-00082 Optec Wireless digital shot (clear black) ;/
  SLPH-00083 ASCII Stick Justice controller
  SLPH-00084 Hori ZeroTech Steering Controller (clear)
  SLPH-00085 Hori Compact joystick (black)
  SLPH-00086 Hori Compact joystick (clear)
  SLPH-00087 Hori Compact joystick (clear blue)
  SLPH-00088 Hori Multi Analog Pad (clear) or Hori Grip (pink?)
  SLPH-00089 Hori AV Cable with selector
  SLPH-00090 Hori Multi Analogue Pad (clear black)
  SLPH-00091 Hori AV Multi-Out Converter
  SLPH-00092 ASCII Pad V2 (margin green)
  SLPH-00093 ASCII Pad V2 (margin blue)
  SLPH-00094 ASCII Pad V2 (margin pink)
  SLPH-00095 ASCII Pad V2 (margin orange)
  SLPH-00096 ASCII Hyper Steering V ("high pass tear ring V controller?")
  SLPH-00097 Hori S Cable with selector (uh, maybe S-video or so?) (HPS-36)
  SLPH-00098 NSYSCOM Pachinko slot controller (NSC-1)
  SLPH-00099 ASCII Pad V2 (rainbow)
  SLPH-00100 ASCII 'Hanging' Fishing Controller, controller for fishing games
  SLPH-00101 Optec Cockpit big shock
  SLPH-00102 ASCII Grip V (set for mars story)
  SLPH-00103 Hori Pad V2 (clear)
  SLPH-00104 Hori Pad V2 (clear blue)
  SLPH-00105 Hori Pad V2 (clear pink)
  SLPH-00106 Hori Pad V2 (black)
  SLPH-00107 Hori Compact Joystick (camouflage)
  SLPH-00108 Hori Rumble Digital Pad (clear blue)
  SLPH-00109 Hori Monoaural AV Cable
  SLPH-00110 ASCII Pad V2 (marble)
  SLPH-00111 ASCII Pad V2 (camouflage)
  SLPH-00112 ASCII Pad V3
  SLPH-00113 ASCII Pad V3 with cable reel
  SLPH-00114 ASCII Pad V3 with V2 (pearl white) bundle
  SLPH-00115 ASCII Pad V3 with V2 (pearl pink) bundle
  SLPH-00116 ASCII Pad V3 with V2 (pearl blue) bundle
  SLPH-00117 ASCII Pad V3 (blue) with V2 (pearl green) bundle
  SLPH-00118 Hori Pad V3
  SLPH-00119 Hori Pad V3 (white)
  SLPH-00120 Hori Analog Rumble Pad (clear pink)
  SLPH-00121 Hori Analog Rumble Pad (clear)
  SLPH-00122 Hori Analog Rumble Pad (clear blue)
  SLPH-00123 Hori Analog Rumble Pad (clear red)
  SLPH-00124 Hori Analog Rumble Pad (clear black)
  SLPH-00125 Hori Analog Rumble Pad (clear yellow)
  SLPH-00126 Namco Jogcon, digital pad, steering dial (SLEH-0020/SLUH-00059)
  SLPH-00127 ?
  SLPH-00128 ASCII stick ZERO3
  SLPH-00129 ASCII Pad V2 (wood grain pitch)
  SLPH-00130 Hori Real Arcade (camouflage)
  SLPH-00131 Hori Ehrgeiz Stick
  SLPH-00132 ASCII Pad V3 (blue)
  SLPH-00133 ASCII Fighter Stick V Jr. (limited edition)
  SLPH-00134 ASCII Pad V3 (blue) with cable reel
  SLPH-00135 ASCII Pad V3 (blue) with V2 (silver)
  SLPH-00136 ASCII Pad V3 with V2 (purple metallic)
  SLPH-00137 ASCII Pad V3 with V2 (gold)
  SLPH-00138 ASCII Pad V3 with "VPRO. aka Ascii Fighter Stick V"
  SLPH-00139 Hori Analog Rumble Pad (gray)
  SLPH-00140 Hori Analog Rumble Pad (black)
  SLPH-00141 Hori Analog Rumble Pad (blue)
And, maybe unlicensed (they don't have official SLPH numbers, still they are listed as official controllers on PSX CDROM back covers):
  ASC-05158B ASCII Beatmania Junk (similar to SLEH-0021)
  ASC-0528T  Sammy Shakkato Tambourine
  BANC-0001  Bandai Fishing Controller
  BANC-0002  Bandai Kids Station
  RU017      Konami Dance Dance Revolution Controller (Dance Mat)
  GAE001     G.A.E. Baton stick with 2 buttons (for The Maestromusic)
And whatever:
  RU029      Konami Beatmania IIDX
  RU014      Konami Pop'n Music (buttons A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I, and Select/Start)
  ?          Produce! Paca Paca Passion
  ?          Sega/Ascii Minimoni Shakatto Tambourine

Sony Licensed Hardware (Europe)
  SLEH-00001 Ascii Specialized Pad (similar to SLPH-00005: ASCII ASCIIPAD V)
  SLEH-00002 Ascii Arcade Stick, psx-shaped digital stick (SLPH-00003)
  SLEH-00003 Namco Negcon, Twist controller (SLPH-00001)
  SLEH-00004 Namco Arcade Stick (SLPH-00023)
  SLEH-00005 Konami Hyper Blaster, IRQ10-based Lightgun (SLPH-00014/SLUH-00017)
  SLEH-00006 Mad Catz Steering Wheel (SLPH-?)
  SLEH-00007 Namco G-Con 45, Cinch-based Lightgun (SLPH-00034/SLUH-00035)
  SLEH-00008 Ascii Grip, single-handed digital pad (SLPH-00027/SLUH-00038)
  SLEH-00009 Ascii Arcade Stick v2 (SLPH-00035)
  SLEH-00010 Ascii Enhanced Control Pad (similar as SLEH-00001) (SLPH-00039)
  SLEH-00011 Resident Evil Pad (aka SLPH-00060 ASCII Biohazard)
  SLEH-00012 Reality-Quest The Glove (right-handed only) (SLUH-00045/SLPH-?)
  SLEH-00013 CD Case (small nylon bag for fourteen CDs) (SLPH-?)
  SLEH-00014 ?
  SLEH-00015 PlayStation Case (bigger bag for the console) (SLPH-?)
  SLEH-00016 PlayStation Case + Digital Joypad + Memory Card
  SLEH-00017 ?
  SLEH-00018 Ascii Sphere 360 (SLUH-00028/SLPH-?)
  SLEH-00019 Interact V3 Racing Wheel (SLPH-?)
  SLEH-00020 Namco JogCon, digital pad, steering dial (SLPH-00126/SLUH-00059)
  SLEH-00021 Konami Beatmania Controller (SLPH-?)
  SLEH-00022 ?
  SLEH-00023 Official Dance Mat (RU017/SLUH-00071) (for PSone and PS2)
  SLEH-00024 Fanatec Speedster 2 (wheel with pedals) (for PSone and PS2)
  SLEH-00025 Mad Catz 8MB Memory Card (for PS2)
  SLEH-00026 Olympus Eye-Trek FMD-20P Game/DVD glasses (for PS2)
  SLEH-00027 Logitech Cordless Controller... or Eye-Trek FMD-20P, too? (PSx?)
  SLEH-00028 ?
  SLEH-00029 Fanatec Speedster 3 (for PS2)
  SLEH-00030 Logitech Eye Toy (camera?) (for PS2)
And, maybe unlicensed:
  Weird Madcatz-device (rumble upgrade/add-on for Mad Catz steering wheel)

Sony Licensed Hardware (USA)
  SLUH-00001 Specialized Joystick (single-axis, digital?)
  SLUH-00002 Control Pad (redesigned joypad)
  SLUH-00003 InterAct Piranha Pad, digital pad, autofire/slowmotion
  SLUH-00017 Konami Justifier, IRQ10-based Lightgun (Hyperblaster/SLPH-00014)
  SLUH-00018 Enhanced Pad (joypad with whatever extra functions)
  SLUH-00022 Analog and Digital Steering Wheel with pedals (for testdrive 4?)
  SLUH-00026 Optec Mach 1 (gray steering/flight controller with pedals)
  SLUH-00028 Ascii Sphere 360 (SLEH-00018)
  SLUH-00029 Namco NPC-102 Joystick (single-axis, digital?)
  SLUH-00031 Interact Program Pad
  SLUH-00033 Piranha Pad (redesigned joypad)
  SLUH-00034 NUBY Manufacturing The Heater, white lightgun (irq10 or cinch?)
  SLUH-00035 Namco G-CON 45, Cinch-based Lightgun (SLEH-0007/SLPH-00034)
  SLUH-00037 Arcade Stick (single-axis, digital?)
  SLUH-00038 ASCII Grip V, single-handed digital pad (SLPH-00027/SLEH-00008)
  SLUH-00040 System Organizer (huh? looks like... a black storage box?)
  SLUH-00041 V3 Racing Wheel with pedals
  SLUH-00043 GunCon (bundled with Time Crisis 1)
  SLUH-00044 Remote Wizard (looks like wireless joypad or so)
  SLUH-00045 Reality-Quest The Glove (right-handed only) (SLEH-00012/SLPH-?)
  SLUH-00046 GunCon (bundled with Point Blank)
  SLUH-00055 Aftershock Wheel with pedals
  SLUH-00056 UltraRacer Steering Controller (grip-style)
  SLUH-00057 EA Sports Game Pad (redesigned joypad)
  SLUH-00058 something for point blank 2 (?) (maybe a lightgun)
  SLUH-00059 Namco Jogcon, digital pad, steering dial (SLEH-0020/SLPH-00126)
  SLUH-00061 MadCatz MC2 Racing Wheel (black/gray)
  SLUH-00063 Bass Landing Fishing Reel controller
  SLUH-00066 Sportster racing wheel
  SLUH-00068 Jungle Book Rhythm N Groove Dance Pack
  SLUH-00071 Konami Dance Pad (DDR Dance Pad) (RU017)
  SLUH-00072 GunCon (bundled with Point Blank 3)
  SLUH-00073 GunCon (bundled with Time Crisis 2 - Project Titan)
  SLUH-00077 Logitech Cordless Controller, analog pad (ps1/ps2)
  SLUH-00081 Logitech NetPlay Controller, pad with keyboard (usb/ps2)
  SLUH-00083 Konami Dance Dance Revolution Controller (for PS1 and PS2)
  SLUH-00084 NYKO iType2, pad with keyboard (usb/ps2)
  SLUH-00085 Logitech Cordless Action Controller (for PS2)
  SLUH-00086 Namco/Taiko Drum Master (Taiko Controller Pack) (for PS2)
  SLUH-00088 RedOctane In the Groove Dance Pad Controller ?
  SLUH-00090 Dance Pad (bundled with Pump It Up) (for PS2)

Sony Licensed Hardware (Asia)
  Unknown (if any)

Newer hardware add-ons?
  SCEH-0001 SingStar (USB to Microfon) (for PS2)

Early SLEH/SLUH devices used 4-digit numbers (eg. the "official" name for SLEH-00003 is SLEH-0003; unlike as shown in the above list).

Software (CDROM Game Codes)
  SCES-NNNNN Sony Computer Europe Software
  SCED-NNNNN Sony Computer Europe Demo
  SLES-NNNNN Sony Licensed Europe Software
  SLED-NNNNN Sony Licensed Europe Demo
  SCPS-NNNNN Sony Computer Japan Software
  SLPS-NNNNN Sony Licensed Japan Software
  SLPM-NNNNN Sony Licensed Japan ... maybe promo/demo?
  SCUS-NNNNN Sony Computer USA Software
  SLUS-NNNNN Sony Licensed USA Software
  PAPX-NNNNN Demo ...?
  PCPX-NNNNN Club ...?
  LSP-NNNNNN Lightspan series (non-retail educational games)
Note: Multi-disc games have more than one game code. The game code for Disc 1 is also printed on the CD cover, and used in memory card filenames. The per-disk game codes are printed on the discs, and are used as boot-executable name in SYSTEM.CNF file. There is no fixed rule for the multi-disc numbering; some games are using increasing numbers of XNNNN or NNNNX (with X increasing from 0 upwards), and some are randomly using values like NNNXX and NNNYY for different discs.

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