No$psx Debugger - Hotkeys in Debug Mode Contents

Most debug functions are available via hotkeys and via mouse accessible popup boxes. The popup boxes generally also show the corresponding hotkey.

 Cursor             (*) Move around
 Cursor Right           Follow (in codewin: map window to jump/call dest adr)
 Cursor Right           Follow (in stckwin: map codewin to return adr)
 Cursor Left            Undo follow (if nothing to undo: goto program counter)
 Page Up/Down       (*) Move around
 Home               (*) Goto Start or to 0000
 End                (*) Goto End
 Ret                (*) Center/Uncenter current line in code window
 Shift+Cursor           Change Active Window (Code,Data,Stck,Regs)
 Shift+Cursor       (*) Toggle between Hex- and Ascii-input in data window
 Tab                (*) Toggle Standard and Symbolic Display in code window
 Tab                (*) Toggle Lower Window (Data or Break/Watch)
 Ctrl+B                 Enter Breakpoint Address, Condition
 Ctrl+N                 Find Next Breakpoint
 Ctrl+G                 Goto Address (prompts for address) (does not affect pc)
 Ctrl+E             (*) Toggle Warnings on/off
 Ctrl+O                 OS Shell (calls DOS, type 'exit' to come back)
 Ctrl+I                 Inspect (Define Watchpoint address)
 Ctrl+R                 Reload Cartridge
 Ctrl+S                 Search (see below! this works a bit strange)
 Ctrl+C                 Continue Search
 Ctrl+V            (**) Toggle Screen Size 25/50 lines (DOS version only)
 Ctrl+D                 Toggle Datazone (see below)
 Ctrl+A/T/X         (*) Add/Toggle/Remove Machine (up to 12 consoles at 1 time)
                        Ctrl+T also toggles MIPS/HC05 (if low-level CD enabled)
 Ctrl+L/W               Load/Save Snapshot (RAM, CPU-state and ROM-cartname)
 Ctrl+Left/Right    (*) Decrease/Increase start address of window by one byte
 <..>                   Assemble into Memory (input box appears on 1st char)
 F1                     Help
 F2                     Toggle Breakpoint at cursor
 F3                     Trace with calls executed
 F4                     Run to Cursor
 F5                     VRAM Viewer (last accessed screen, TAB toggles)
 F6                     Jump to Cursor (sets programcounter (pc) and rombank)
 F7                     Trace (Execute one instruction)
 F8                     Run until current sub-routine returns
 F9                     Run (until breakpoint or user break)
 F10                    Hardware Info Screen (splits in 50 lines DOS mode)
 F11                    Setup Screen (last accessed setup window)
 F12                    Cartridge Menu (last accessed, filename or files.lst)
 Scroll Lock            Toggle Datacur follows Codecur (or 16bit reg) on/off
 Keypad "/"             Run one Frame
 Keypad "*"             Reset and Run
 Keypad "-"         (*) Continue Run (same as F9)
 ESC                (*) Popup File Menu or close current window/menu
 Alt+<..>           (*) Popup Menus (eg. Alt+F for File Menu)
 Alt+A                  Animate (Repeated trace until key pressed)
 Alt+B                  Place Bookmark
 Alt+E                  Edit File
 Alt+P                  Profiler Window
 Alt+X                  Exit No$psx
 Right Mouse Button (*) DOS: Continue Run (same as F9), Windows: Context Menu
 Left Mouse Button  (*) Select Window, Place Cursor, Toggle Breakpoint or
                         CPU-flag, Open Popup Menu, Click Option, etc.

The functions that are marked by (*) are not shown in the popup menues of the menu bar. Vice versa, not all functions can be accessed through hotkeys, so to be able to access all functions you must use both hotkeys and menu bars.

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extracted from no$psx v2.2 - homepage - patreon - whole doc htm/txt - copyright 2022 martin korth (nocash)