No$psx Emulation Controls Contents

Below are hotkeys & controls for the no$psx emulator.

Emulation Hotkeys
  ESC           Stop Emulation (switch to debugger)
  Keypad-Mul    Reset
  Keypad-Sub    Same as ESC
  Keypad-Add    Whoosh (run as fast as possible)
  Backspace     Whoosh (run as fast as possible)

Mouse Controller Emulation (via Mouse)
  Left-Mouse-Button   --> Pass mouse to PSX Emulation
  Middle-Mouse-Button --> Pass mouse to Operation System
  ESC                 --> Pass mouse to Operation System

Lightguns (Namco GunCon, and Konami IRQ10) (via Mouse)
  Mouse Position  --> Lightgun Position
  Left Button     --> Lightgun Trigger
  Middle Button   --> Namco Button A (left), or Konami Start Button (left)
  Right Button    --> Namco Button B (right), or Konami Back Button (rear)
XXX Konami (IRQ10) Lightguns aren't working yet (the actual lightgun is implemented, but the required timer0 dotclk mode isn't yet properly emulated).

Dance Mat (via Keyboard)
  Q W E  or  Keypad: 7 8 9  -->  ><  Up  ()
  A   D  or  Keypad: 4   6  -->  Lt      Rt
  Z X C  or  Keypad: 1 2 3  -->  []  Dn  /\
Plus, Select/Start as assigned for joypads.

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extracted from no$psx v2.2 - homepage - patreon - whole doc htm/txt - copyright 2022 martin korth (nocash)