Pocketstation Contents

Pocketstation Overview
Pocketstation I/O Map
Pocketstation Memory Map
Pocketstation IO Video and Audio
Pocketstation IO Interrupts and Buttons
Pocketstation IO Timers and Real-Time Clock
Pocketstation IO Infrared
Pocketstation IO Memory-Control
Pocketstation IO Communication Ports
Pocketstation IO Power Control
Pocketstation SWI Function Summary
Pocketstation SWI Misc Functions
Pocketstation SWI Communication Functions
Pocketstation SWI Execute Functions
Pocketstation SWI Date/Time/Alarm Functions
Pocketstation SWI Flash Functions
Pocketstation SWI Useless Functions
Pocketstation BU Command Summary
Pocketstation BU Standard Memory Card Commands
Pocketstation BU Basic Pocketstation Commands
Pocketstation BU Custom Pocketstation Commands
Pocketstation File Header/Icons
Pocketstation File Images
Pocketstation XBOO Cable

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