Curious info about my Fantastic Career and Forthcoming Empire

I have been born in Hamburg, Germany at 3rd June 1972, grew up, and still living in Hamburg. Learned programming from my father, quitted school when I have been around 20 years old, teached myself more about computers, and spent some time on inactivity, on civil services, and more inactivity.

Then got bored about computers and inactivity, and visited a school for kindergarden teachers instead. Unfortunately that's been mostly theoretical stuff, they didn't even show us at least pictures of children. After one and a half year of underlining words, and discussing these words with my neighbours, I decided to stay in bed and to quit school again.

Well, at that time I had sold no$gmb registration keys to the first commercial users, allowing me to survive without money from my parents, and without having to care for a 'real' job. The downside about programming at home is that you sometimes loose most social contacts, and if you get paid for it then it's even more comfortable to get trapped...

Uh, I hope I find a better way to manage my spare time (if any) sooner or later, preferably soon. At the moment I am looking for a new flat in Hamburg, and and everyting will get better when I found it (hopefully). The problem is that I'd love to live in a quarter that appears to have established itself as mainstream quarter, so the few unoccupied flats in that area are either too expensive, or get rent to people with 'real' jobs.

The Nocash Concept

Well, I did choose this possibly silly pseudonym a couple of years ago, but alltogether it still represents my lifestyle quite good. Nocash is meant as a statement against consum and luxory.

In case of computers that means that I am partly amused, and partly worried about the craze for newer and faster computers, and for more bloated and inefficent programs. And the people really believe that they would need the hitrash stuff. I mean, give list of five million numbers to one of these guys, and tell him to add all that numbers together, how long would that take? One week? A month? But he would still treat a computer that handles that calculations within a single second as 'slow'.

In my programs I attempt to point out that the quality of a program doesn't depend on it's size, or on the hardware. Yes, yes, that might be a senseless attempt, but I like it that way.

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