My Mailing Address
Yup, that's my current address, this webpage is guaranteed to be updated if I should move to a new headquarter.

OK, here's my mailing address. Monetary donations (cash or cheque) are very welcome and will allow & motivate me to continue, questions like "I want to play games, but don't know how?" will only keep me away from programming.

Legible email address for replies
Include a reply-to email address! Please use your best handwriting or printer, in either case be sure that addresses like "" ("i,oh,L,one,zero") could be identified as such.
  Martin Korth
  Ringheide 44
  21149 Hamburg
No questions about no$gmb/gba!
I know that computers often show up with various problems that might be very frustating for beginners (and experienced users). In any case: Don't ask me. I really don't have the time to reply.

Just to be sure, that is a complete valid german address, there are no additional ZIP codes required. Note: My old address (at Ringheide) still works either, but mail send to that address may get delayed by a couple of weeks.

Also, here's my bank account:
Account Holder: Martin Korth
Account Number: 1276 456 231
Bank Institute: Hamburger Sparkasse (Haspa)
Bank Code Number: 200 505 50
City and Country: Hamburg, Germany

For transfers from other countries - recommended only for bigger amounts - additional info below may be helpful.
These numbers have been recently announced to be used as new standard in Europes eurozone, please ask your bank office if they are of any use in other continents - otherwise use the 'normal' bank details shown above.
IBAN: DE04 2005 0550 1276 4562 31
That is,
BIC = Bank Identifier Code
IBAN = International Bank Account Number

Please notify me per email when wiring any money.

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