nocash commodore 8bit emulator by martin korth

Welcome to the C64 emulator with the biggest range of debugging functions! In the current version, the emulation has been improvements, and the debugging part makes no$c64 a must-have for professional C64 programmers (if any/alive).

Emulates cpu, memory, video, keyboard, joysticks, timers. Supports single file cassette loading (.PRG or .P00 files). Local keyboard support. Fast boot and fast intro/memcopy mechanisms.
Fully featured debugger with breakpoints, symbolic debug info (labels), automatic I/O and Kernal disassembler comments, vram viewer, built-in assembler/disassembler supports native/nocash syntaxes, upload to real C64 function, help includes built-in C64 programming specs.

Downloads - Version 1.1 - July 2005
no$c64 DOS version version 1.1 (ca. 180 Kbytes)
no$c64 windows version version 1.1 (ca. 225 Kbytes)

pagezero.htm programming specs, HTML version
pagezero.txt programming specs, TXT version

New in Version 1.1
Emulates Video Waitstates, improved vertical scrolling/timings, vertical border with optional sprites in border area, supports all stable undocumented opcodes, emulates read-modify and page-wrap CPU glitches. Version 1.1 additionally includes C16, Plus/4, and VIC-20 emulation modes, about all of the C64 emulation/debugging features have been customized for these new emulation modes.

Still doesn't have sound support, and no disk drive emulation.

Project 64 - various C64 documentation in clean text format
Funet - various C64 related categories including schematics
Graham - documented and undocumented 65xx processor series opcodes
News - about daily updated C64 news
Arnold - big collection of old C64 games

nocash homepage

Connect 1st Joystick (Joystick A) to Port 2. Connect 2nd Joystick (Joystick 1) to the other Port. Then be pressing Shift+Right to move Left.