NO$CPC - version 1.8
Nocash Amstrad/Schneider CPC Emulator/Debugger for DOS/Windows

Hello to No$cpc
This is my first emulator, worked on it since 1995, the features are: fastest CPC emulation worldwide, integrated debugger with graphics user interface, breakpoints, online assembler, various keyboard languages supported, popup-menues, full mouse control, supports arj/pkzip compressed DSK-files, adlib and digital sound support, video mode/color splitting, joystick support, disk copy protection emulation.

Written in memory of the golden age of 8bit computers,

Downloading No$cpc

CPC Plus versions
Advantages: Supports CPC Plus functions, supports 'oversize' video modes, colors and resolution may be changed each scanline, slightly more accurate CPU emulation. Disadvantages: Very slow, requires at least a fast 66MHz computer, not supporting older HGC, CGA, EGA graphic cards.
SUCKCPC Plus Windows 32bit version
SUCKCPC Plus DOS version

Normal versions
Advantages: Much faster (working smooth on 33MHz computers), supports VGA, EGA, CGA and Hercules graphics carts, separate versions available optimized for different CPUs, supports XTs and ATs. Disadvantages: No CPC Plus support, display may be split into 5 sections of different colors/modes only, not supporting 'oversize' video modes.
SUCKDOS 80486 Real Mode versionParticulary optimized for 80486, but compatible with windows.
SUCKDOS 80486 Protected Mode versionFully optimized for 80486, super fast.
SUCKDOS 80386 Real Mode versionParticulary optimized for 80386, but compatible with windows.
SUCKDOS 80386 Protected Mode versionFully optimized for 80386, super fast.
SUCKDOS XT/AT versionSlow, but fully compatible to 8086..80286 and anything.
SUCKDOS XT/AT Quick'n'Dirty versionSame as above, but a bit faster - and less accurate.

All versions include the required ROM images and are sized about 150 KBytes each.

Games & Docs & Tools & Mail & Homepage
LINKFTP.NVG - CPC Software ArchiveHundreds of CPC Games, Tools, etc. (changed, new address!)
LINKLink to CPC Plus GamesSome Games for the CPC Plus.
SUCKNO$CARTTool that converts CPC Disk Images into CPC Plus/GX 4000 Cartridges.
SUCKMyramposA game that I've written back in 1990.
SUCKTAPE2HDDCopies CPC cassettes to PC by using the soundcards line-in channel.
SUCKNo$cpc HistoryRelease notes, what's new, what's old?
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