No$x51 8051-chip-family Emulator/Debugger (for DOS and Windows)
Hack Disassembler/Debugger (for DOS)
XED Ascii/Text Editor (for DOS)
XKEY Optimized Keyboard Driver (for PC)
Shit & Goodbye Program for exiting Windows...
Reset Mini program for resetting the computer under DOS...
Exec A program that executes a DOS 'stub' under windows...
PC Hardware Reference (Ascii, German)
For Gameboy and Amstrad CPC related tools and games check the Gameboy and CPC sections, and the Freeware sub-section of the Gameboy section!
Interpreter for Infocom Adventure Data Files (turbo pascal)
Hardfire - Old shoot-em-up (for DOS)

Ghettoblaster SWF-3500 Super Woofer (service info)

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