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Gameboy Classic
Gameboy Color
Gameboy Advance
No questions on how to use gameboy emulators, thanks. I do not have the time to reply to questions. If you don't know how to use the program, how to use the internet, how to load a game, how to use a zip file, any questions like that - very sorry, I cannot help you, I WILL NOT REPLY, please don't even try to ask me, it'd be just a waste of time.

No Attachments. No Html Messages.
No unrequested attachments. If you want to send any attachments, please let me know what and how many kilobytes you'd like to send, and ask me if I would like to have it. Or, just give me an URL where I can download it.
Please no emails in Html format, if neccessary configure you mail program to plain text, thanks! Nocash project is non-commercial and low-end, I don't have a fast modem like everybody else.

Hotmail Users
Hotmail is typically deleting all emails that I am sending, and especially
registration keys which it is deleting, and killing, and destroying,
and it's laughing when doing it.
more info.

Monopolists like won't accept any messages sent from my mail server.

Constructive Feedback, Suggestions, Comments, Bug Reports
Very welcome, especially from programmers, please no gamers questions. For any messages, please be aware that you must know what you are talking about, and, furthermore, that I must understand what you are talking about. That is very important.

Contacting me (Martin Korth)

My email address is encoded in above GIF symbols, and hidden in the spam-shielded box left of this text, please copy only the white character cells (from left to right, starting in topmost line). Alternately, decipher the hex dump (ascii character codes):
- 61 62 67 65 77 72 61 63 6b 74 40 70 72 6f 62 6c 65 6d 6b 61 70 75 74 74 2e 64 65 -
If you think that programmers must work for free, please find useful inspiration here before contacting me. My mailing address and bank details can be found here. The email address is subject to be removed or changed in case of incoming garbage. My email address can be also found, as clean text, in the about box of registered no$gba versions.
Caution: Emails with attachments are deleted automatically without notice!

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