The german currency changes from german marks (DM) into euro (EUR) at 1st January 2002. During the time from 1st January through 28 February 2002 I will keep accepting both DM and/or EUR, except that DM cannot be accepted from 15th Feb-28th Feb (postage stamp date), also, EUR cannot be accepted during 5th Jan-17th Jan (postage stamp date), during the time from 30th Jan-3rd Feb (delivery date!) neither DM nor EUR are accepted and US$ must be send instead, and during 1st Feb-18 Feb (postage stamp date); at 4:00 PM-5:00 PM (myself checking the mailbox time) only crowns or gulden will be accepted.

Because of technical reasons, your money will be destroyed and I cannot send a registration key if you are sending the wrong money at the wrong time!

When sending euros, the registration order forms which do not correctly specify the euro currency symbol will be ignored, that means, the order form MUST include the "[--not recognized character code(ISO1432.238) -- this computer does not support japanese and korean fonts--]" symbol.

Okay, here's some additional information, I'll accept whatever currency you send, if it's Euro would be fine, if it's money from an non-Euro country (eg. USA, canada, japan, UK, and the whole rest of the world) would be fine either.

If you still have "old" money (from Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Irland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, or Spain) - send that before somewhat mid February 2002, if possible (at a later time I might have problems to change it into "new" money).

Asides, this is your 'last chance' to get rid of the olde cash!
[Ah, but please no foreign coins - my bank office changes paper money only.]