DSi XpertTeak (DSP) Contents

The DSi includes an XpertTeak Digital Signal Processor (DSP); which is consisting of a TeakLite II processor, plus some "expert" features (like DMA support). The thing appears to be intended for audio/video decoding, but it's left unused by most DSi games. However, it's used by the "Nintendo DSi Sound" and "Nintendo Zone" system utilities, and by the "Cooking Coach" cartridge.

DSi Teak Misc

XpertTeak I/O Registers (on ARM side)
DSi Teak I/O Ports (on ARM9 Side)

XpertTeak I/O Registers (on Teak side)
DSi Teak MMIO - Register Summary
DSi Teak MMIO[8000h] - Misc Registers (JAM/GLUE)
DSi Teak MMIO[8020h] - Timers (TMR)
DSi Teak MMIO[8050h] - Serial Port (SIO)
DSi Teak MMIO[8060h] - Debug (OCEM, On-chip Emulation Module)
DSi Teak MMIO[8080h] - PLL and Power (PMU, Power Management Unit)
DSi Teak MMIO[80C0h] - Host Port Interface (APBP aka HPI)
DSi Teak MMIO[80E0h] - AHBM - Advanced High Performance Bus Master
DSi Teak MMIO[8100h] - Memory Interface Unit (MIU)
DSi Teak MMIO[8140h] - Code Replacement Unit (CRU)
DSi Teak MMIO[8180h] - Direct Memory Access (DMA)
DSi Teak MMIO[8200h] - Interrupt Control Unit (ICU)
DSi Teak MMIO[8280h] - Audio (Buffered Time Division Multiplexing Port)

TeakLite II Processor
DSi Teak CPU Registers
DSi Teak CPU Control/Status Registers
DSi Teak CPU Address Config/Step/Modulo
DSi TeakLite II Instruction Set Encoding
DSi TeakLite II Operand Encoding

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