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No$gmb is a emulator for gameboy, pocket gameboy, super gameboy, and color gameboy, allowing you to play any gameboy game on your PC, provided that you own a romimage of that game (a copy of the program in the real cartridge). Note that these games are usually copyrighted, except for a few freeware ones.

Beside for the ability to play games it does also include a debugger with graphics user interface, conditional breakpoints, symbolic debug information, VRAM viewer, optional warning messages, online assembler, and various other useful things, making it a powerful development tool that is used by several professional game developers.

Further features are emulation of two player link (on the same computer), screenshots, real CGB-colors, gamegenie and gameshark cheats, joysticks, snespads, digital sound, a color scheme editor to colorize monochrome games, etc. etc.

The program is entirely written in assembler language, which makes it fast enough to run on older computers, for monochrome games a 386 with at least 33Mhz should be suggested, and for color games a 486 with something like 66Mhz.


Below are a couple of different versions. The Windows version is for Windows 95/98/NT/2000, it requires a rather fast computer (at least 66MHz suggested), it is including a typical windows user interface (new in this version), and it is probably easier to install, and more compatible to newer windows versions. The Standard DOS version is including mostly the same features, but of course it is a lot faster.

Download Standard 32bit Windows version - suggested for windows users with fast computers
Download Standard DOS version - suggested for DOS users with at least traces of a brain

For people with older computers, here are some special versions, timing-optimized for the specific CPUs, note that these versions are excluding a few rather time-consuming debugging functions.

Download Special DOS 80486 optimized version - a bit faster, but not including all debugging functions
Download Special DOS 80386 optimized version - a bit faster, but not including all debugging functions
Download Special DOS XT/AT compatible version - a bit slower, and not including all debugging functions

And finally here is a LITE version. It excludes all debugging functions, I made this version just for fun, and it doesn't have any advantages over the other versions. As it doesn't reflect the full capabilities of the program I don't want this version to get more public than the other versions, for this reason the lite version is for registered users only - it won't work without registration key.

Download Special DOS LITE version - for registered users only, not including any debugging functions

All versions are sized less than 150 KBytes each.


No$gmb News & History - Release Notes

Pan Docs - Gameboy programming info, Text and Html version, updated 11/2001 including SGB/CGB/CPU specs.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Nightmare FAQ - Very often Asked Questions

Emailing me - No beginners questions please


The old (monochrome) gameboy emulation, and the Super Gameboy features are freeware, and do not need to be registered, but the color gameboy emulation part is shareware. Please understand that I need to ask for some money, after all I have put about three years of work into the program, and thus didn't had time to work on something else. So, your money is very welcome, and will help me to continue to work on no$gmb!


For private, non-commercial use please register by sending an amount in range from $5 to $20 (whatever you prefer) (or similiar amount in other currency) to my mailing address. Please also include your name, address, and email address, preferably written in your best handwriting (or printed in case that you own a printer). For commercial use the registration fee is $750 US (that is if you are a game developer for example).

The postage fee for airmail from USA appears to be 60 cents, ask your post office if you want to be sure. It should take around one or two weeks until the letter arrives here and I get the key sent to you (per email). The registration key will be valid for all no$gmb versions, including future updates. If you have further questions regarding registration, please read the help text included in no$gmb!


Okay, enough about gameboy, beside for no$gmb I have also made two other very nice emulators for old homecomputers, and a few smaller programs...

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