NO$GMB Background GIFs & Icons
The Deadline collection and some others (dated 08/98) (ca 385 KBytes)
Nine Background GIFs and Nine Icons(dated 07/99) (ca 121 KBytes)

Freeware Games for Gameboy
YEP Starfight (nocash/unknown)
YEP Infgmb / Minizork (nocash/infocom)
LINK NEW: Webpage with ca. 90 freeware programs for gameboy...
LINK Other Gameboy Freeware webpage...
Please note that some homebrewn games (such as Yar's Revenge) won't work on real gameboy, and thus won't work on no$gmb unless VGB-bug-emulation option is enabled.

Gameboy Tools & Information & News
YEP A22i-ex. The stand-alone version of no$gmb's built-in gameboy assembler
YEP ABISX. A tool to convert nintendos .ISX files into no$gmb .SYM files.
LINK Jeff Frohwein's Pages (Infos & Tools)
Gameboy Hardware Reference (Ascii, English)

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