nocash PC disassembler / debugger

The Reason for writing an own debugger was that the stupid Bordland TD debugger sucks memory. It is impossible to load the debugger and a large-file-to-debug at the same time. Bingo.
Surely, the DOS debuggers would work, but they never included 286+ commands and window-orientated surfaces...

So, Hack was born.


* TD-like window surface, but no TD-like bugs.
* 80286- and most 80386-commands supported (assembler / disassembler).
* Only 30K RAM required.
* NU-like hexdump editor.
* Better Search / Continue Search functions
* Follow Jump / Undo Follow Function (Cursor left / right)

Language: 100% Assembler. Category: Cracker's best friend. Year: 1994-1995.


Download Nocash HACK Debugger
(ca 21 Kbytes)


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