NO$MSX (c) Martin Korth
nocash msx emulator/debugger for dos/windows

Hello to No$msx - version 1.5

About no$msx...
No$msx is a MSX1 + MSX2 emulator for DOS and Windows, like the other no$-emulators it's including a comfortable debugger, so that it's more a serious development tool than just a emulator. Beside for the development part, the most important goals are: User-friendly GUI and lots of options, and the complete lack of overload - the program is written in raw assembler language, sized about 150 KBytes, and works fine on 33MHz computers. That's my contribution against modern mainstream programmers.

News in Version 1.5
There've been no updates for a long time, most news in this version are related to the user interface & debugger (mainly improvements from other no$-projects). But not so many msx-related things (parts of just because there've been not very much msx-related bug reports).
Anyways, some of the news are pretty good useful, symbolic debug info, preview for ARJ/ZIP compressed files, and various details. On the other hand, a couple of new bugs may have crept into the program - please let me know if you come accross any new/old bugs or glitches!

News in Version 1.4
It's a killer update. After last no$gmb version got cracked I have attempted to forget that unlucky program, and mostly stopped working on it - and suddenly had time to force my energies onto improvement of my cpc and msx emulators. So, no$msx 1.4 is the result of three months of rapid action programming, including almost 150 new details, fixes and features, for the complete list click here.
The most important news are: Digital sound engine, reverse engineering & exact emulation of undocumented Z80 flags / undocumented 'memptr' register, imported better windows GUI from no$gmb source, various bugfixes, cartridge support, updated Portar docs, snapshots, kanji ROM support, etc. Oh, and it's a shareware program now, it's still fully functional - anyways, please take the time to donate some money.

All right, that's it, enjoy whatever you are going to use it for.


Downloading No$msx

Standard DOS and Windows versions
For best emulation accuracy, including detailed programming specs. Recommended for computers with at least 66MHz only.
High Performance DOS versions
These versions are assembled for best performance. The emulation is less accurate (still enough in most cases). Programming specs are not included.
  o   Windows 32bit version - includes all features
  o   DOS Standard version - includes all features

  o   DOS 80486 Real Mode version
  o   DOS 80486 Protected Mode version
  o   DOS 80386 Real Mode version
  o   DOS 80386 Protected Mode version
  o   DOS 80x86 XT/AT compatible version
Size: 190 KBytes (Windows), 165 KBytes (DOS). Size: 120 KBytes (each).
To get the emulation as fast and/or accurate as possible, pick the version that matches best for your computer. The 'Protected Mode' versions are fastest, but won't work with Windows as they need to take over full CPU control.

Games & Docs & Tools & Mail & Homepage

  o   No$msx History - News, Release Notes
  o   Registering No$msx - Need your help to continue programming
  o   M.E.P. - MSX Emulation Page - MSX1 and MSX2 games...
  o   Portar Docs - MSX Programming specs, version 1.7, click here for text version.
  o   A22i - Standalone version of my Z80 assembler (that is built-in into no$msx also).
  o   TAPE2HDD - Tool to copy old MSX cassettes to PC by using the soundcards line-in channel.
  o   Emailing me - Send feedback, comments, suggestions, bug reports.
  o   Mailing me - my mailing address.
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