Registering No$msx

Hoi, no$msx & me need help! You know, making emulators is a lot of fun and love in detail. It's a very time-consuming fulltime-hobby, and doesn't leave time for a 'real' job or 'real' income.

What I'm trying to say is that I seriously need monetary donations to be able to continue working on no$msx and my other emulators.

How to register...
Preferred Amount (Price List)
Registering per mail
Registering per credit card
Registering per money transfer
Receiving & Using Registration key
Benefits for registered users
What the money will be used for

Hoping that not all MSX users became shareware authors, and/or other subversive losers, please take the time to mail a small amout of money.


 Preferred Amount (Price List)

My die-hard marketing skills...
Just to confuse you as good as possible, there are three different (optional) prices listed below. In case of doubt: pick the topmost one, or (to be absolutely sure to pick the correct one) - pick all: $40 + 80 marks + 25 pounds + all other currencies you can get hold of!

The No$msx Registration Key Price List
 Description         US$  Euro  Marks  Lira   Pounds etc.
 Very-Nice price     25   25    50     50000  15     ...
 Friendly price      10   10    20     20000  5      ...
 Nice price          5    5     10     10000  5      ...

The currency / Is that required to be dollars?
The currency doesn't matter - send whatever you want, dollars, crowns, gulden, pounds, pesetas, yen, or else - if you've some 'foreign' money left from your last holidays, then this is your chance to get rid of it.

Is there a difference between "nice" and "friendly" keys?
Nope, there's no actual difference between the keys, just pick the amount that sounds best to you. For example, if a cup of coffee is a bigger expense to you, then I'd vote for the nice price key, don't want to rip off anybody.

 Registering per mail

Include what
Take an envelope, put a stamp onto it, and don't forget to include:
  Program name  : MSX emulator
  Your name     : Bob Smith (or else, if different)
  Your email    : bob@somewhere.any (or else)
  The money     : cash (or cheque)
If possible (and if you'd like to get a reg key) please use best handwriting or printer for the email address, and take care that letters like "1" (One) and "l" (lowercase L), or "I" (uppercase i) can be identified as such.

And here we go...
Ready? Then send all of the above straightly to my mailing address.

 Registering per credit card

No, sorry. Up to now I don't have set up such a thing. In fact, I have never even seen a credit card except in TV, those things aren't that popular in germany yet.

If anybody could direct me on how to accept credit cards - please email me! Something like 'Paypal'... (no, paypal isn't available in germany yet, at least not for <accepting> money).

 Registering per money transfer

Please note
I am not walking to the bank office too often, so it might take a while until I discover that new money has arrived. Money transfers would be recommended inside of germany only (from what I know, a money transfer from USA costs 25 dollars).
There's limited ability to specify your name and email address in the 'comments' field (needed for sending a reg key), for example, my bank office doesn't support the "@" symbol (seriously) (not to mention that text scanners might be unable to decipher handwritten email addresses).

My Bank Account
Okay, I'd say that mailing cash or cheque is safer, cheaper, easier, and faster. But if you prefer money transfers (and have read the above), here's my account:
  Martin Korth
  Bank Institute: Hamburger Sparkasse (Hamburg, Germany)
  Bank Code Number: 200 505 50
  Account Number: 1276 456 231
Don't forget your email address ("YOU-AT-WHATEVER.COM"), and the word "MSX" in the comments field.

 Receiving & Using Registration key

Delivery time
Once your money has arrived, most likely the following will happen: I am super busy working on one of my proggys, and/or I am so tired that you wouldn't really want me to attempt to write down your exact email address correctly. Please be patient if it takes me one or two weeks until I find time to send a key. Anyways, I am never removing the money without making the reg key at the same time, so you can be sure that I won't 'forget' to send it.

Using the reg key
The key will be send as a small file (per email), note that this file is a file (to be copied into the emulators directory), it is NOT a number (in case you've been looking for a place where you could enter a code - none such exists).

 Benefits for registered users

So, and what's the key doing?
The most important part is that it'll display your name in the 'aboutbox' (windows version) and/or the 'exitmessage' (dos version). And otherwise - very sorry, but no$msx is already fully functional, with and without key - please don't take that wrong - it does NOT mean that I wouldn't want to receive any money.

Future Updates / DOS and Windows versions
The reg key won't expire, it'll work for both DOS and Windows versions, on as many computers as you want. And it'll be valid for future updates, that's probably not a really good marketing idea, on the other hand I am forever thankful to registered users, and don't have any plans to charge additional money from them. Unless eventually if somebody seriously wants to donate more money - you are welcome.

Not sure if it's neccessary to say that, but I'll better do: You don't have to be worried that I might sell or rent your name, mailing address, or email address to other people or companies. I promise that I won't do either one - I don't like advertisings and spam, too.

 What the money will be used for

Basically used for...
Just need it to buy food & to pay the rent, otherwise don't have special expenses, I am a very bad and rather decent consumer, no expensive luxory hobbies - except for my cottages, the yacht, the car park, my airplane, the servants & employees, and collecting old paintings...

Aye, seriously...
None of the above (except for the part about food & rent), and beside for that I've been even able to save some money for the future, it's good to know that I'd be able to survive for a while in case that the public interest in emulators should fade out sometimes.

Anyways, for now your donations are allowing & motivating me to continue improving no$msx and my other emulators...