nocash NO$CART (for DOS)

This DOS based tool converts CPC disk images (.DSK files) into CPC Plus/KX 4000 cartridges (.CPR files). And thus allows to play most CPC games on diskless CPC 464+ computers, and (as far as fully joystick controlled) even on the KX 4000 games console.

The program copies the CPC 6128 operating system ROMs and the disk image into a cartridge, patches the AMSDOS Read Sector function, and other than that there isn't much behind it.

Note: I if anybody should ever test this program with real hardware, or if anybody is looking for a new home for his old CPC 6128+ or KX 4000 :-), please let me know! I don't own such a computer, so I couldn't actually test if no$cart works in reality...

Download No$cart (ca. 40 KBytes, includes 6128 ROM Images)
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