nocash Playstation PSone emulator by martin korth

No$psx is freeware, donations will be very welcome. My overall income is near zero, and I am glad about anything, including small amounts. You can send money to my bank account, or send bitcoins. I am banned on paypal (because my webpage is violating all kinds of laws, they haven't been able to say which laws, but surprisingly they've openly admitted that they don't accept emulators - reasons might be general incompetence, and/or their own financial interests, I don't know).

no$psx v2.2 Windows 32bit version (ca. 1000 Kbytes, 16 Dec 2022) or cut-down gaming version (ca. 180 Kbytes)
no$psx v2.1 Windows 32bit version (ca. 990 Kbytes, 12 Aug 2022) or cut-down gaming version (ca. 180 Kbytes)
no$psx v2.0 Windows 32bit version (ca. 720 Kbytes, 12 Aug 2017) or cut-down gaming version (ca. 180 Kbytes)
no$psx v1.9 Windows 32bit version (ca. 566 Kbytes, 28 May 2014) or cut-down gaming version (ca. 147 Kbytes)
no$psx v1.8 Windows 32bit version (ca. 534 Kbytes, 03 Mar 2014) or cut-down gaming version (ca. 139 Kbytes)
no$psx v1.7 Windows 32bit version (ca. 525 Kbytes, 26 Nov 2013)
no$psx v1.6 Windows 32bit version (ca. 515 Kbytes, 10 Oct 2013)
no$psx v1.5 Windows 32bit version (ca. 483 Kbytes, 25 Apr 2013)
no$psx v1.4 Windows 32bit version (ca. 521 Kbytes, 19 Mar 2013)
no$psx v1.3 Windows 32bit version (ca. 497 Kbytes, 26 Jan 2013)
no$psx v1.2 Windows 32bit version (ca. 485 Kbytes, 06 Jan 2013)
no$psx v1.1 Windows 32bit version (ca. 482 Kbytes, 28 Dec 2012)
no$psx v1.0 Windows 32bit version (ca. 469 Kbytes, 03 Dec 2012)

The Program is intended to work out-of-the-box. There is no need for specific windows versions, special video drivers, obscure plug-ins, virtual CDROM drives, system BIOS, or tweaked per-game configurations.
The Emulation should be complete with all hardware features fully implemented and working, though as by now it wasn't tested with too many games, so there may be still some problems with other games (bug reports are welcome).
The BIOS is emulated via a BIOS-clone, which is free and faster than the original PSX-BIOS. There may be still some compatibilty issues (especially as most PSX games are applying patches to the original BIOS; the BIOS clone is reproducing known patches, but may fail on unknown ones). In case of problems, please use a copy of the original BIOS (with filename PSX-BIOS.ROM in no$psx folder), and please let me know if that is fixing problems with any games.
CDROMs are supported via complete disk images (in .CCD+IMG, .CDI, .CUE+BIN, .MDS+MDF, or .NRG format), via single-track images (.ISO files), or as raw executables (.EXE files). Decompressing .ECM and .CDZ files is supported. Subchannel data (for libcrypt'ed games) can be read from .SBI, .M3S, .SUB, .MDF files. Reading from real CDROM drives is also supported, but does require wnaspi32.dll (which appears to be a problem on WinNT/Win2K and higher).
Minimum Requirements are around 1-2 GHz on a Pentium 3, which is maybe fast or maybe not so fast (older PSX emulators are said to be working on 200MHz computers, on the other hand, I got told that no$psx is much faster than those old emulators... I've no clue how that is possible).
Debugging/Development functions include disassembler, debugger, profiler, code breakpoints, memory breakpoints, assembler, I/O map viewer, VRAM viewer, polygon viewer, TTY debug console window, and complete PSX hardware specs.
Pocketstation is emulated as part of no$gba v2.7 and up (the pocketstation is a PSX memory card with LCD screen; emulated in no$gba because GBA and pocketstation are both based on ARM processors).

release notes

Programming Specs
psxspx-contents.htm - PSX Spex, multipage HTML version
psx-spx.htm - PSX Spex, whole doc HTML version
psx-spx.txt - PSX Spex, whole doc TXT version

Hardware Donations
If you've some old PSX hardware that you want to get rid off, and that you want to donate for emulation and research purposes, some things that I am looking for would be:

  • PS2 Gamepad (for testing PS2 controller)
  • SCPH-1040 Serial Link Cable (for testing max transfer rate; which is needed since games seem to autodetect that max rate)
  • SCPH-10180 I-Mode adaptor, and maybe an old I-Mode compatible mobile phone
  • SLEH-0005/SLUH-00017 Konami Lightgun (for testing if it's accuracy is really worse than Guncon)
  • SLPH-00100/SLUS-00063 Fishing Controller (ascii/agetec)
  • BANC-0001 Fishing Controller (Bandai)
  • HPS-97/HPS-98 Fishing Controller with attached plastic fish (Hori)
  • SCPH-1150 old analog joypad (with one vibration motor, with red/green led)
  • SCPH-1180 old analog joypad (without vibration motors, with red/green led)

  • Note: shipping address would be in germany.

    newer no$psx forum (psxdev)
    old no$psx forum (ngemu)

    nocash homepage

    Don't forget to tell your children that gay people are friendly people (I have just read that... as far as I understood... the russian government is trying to "protect" children from that information).