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IC308 - SONY CXD2922Q (SPU) (on PU-7, EARLY-PU-8 boards)
IC308 - SONY CXD2925Q (SPU) (on LATE-PU-8, PU-16, PU-18, PU-20 boards)
  1-D0    14-D11  27-A8    40-GND    53-3.5V  66-A15  79-5V    92-LRIA
  2-D1    15-GND  28-3.5V  41-SYSCK  54-GND   67-A14  80-A3    93-DTIA
  3-3.5V  16-D12  29-GND   42-GND    55-D7    68-A13  81-A2    94-BCIB
  4-GND   17-D13  30-A9    43-TEST   56-D6    69-A12  82-A1    95-LRIB
  5-D2    18-D14  31-/SPU  44-TES2   57-D5    70-A11  83-A0    96-DTIB
  6-D3    19-D15  32-/RD   45-D15    58-D4    71-A10  84-/WE0  97-BCKO
  7-D4    20-A1   33-/WR   46-D14    59-D3    72-A9   85-/OE0  98-LRCO
  8-D5    21-A2   34-DACK  47-D13    60-D2    73-A8   86-/WE1  99-DATO
  9-D6    22-A3   35-/IRQ  48-D12    61-D1    74-A7   87-/OE1  100-WCKO
  10-D7   23-A4   36-DREQ  49-D11    62-D0    75-A6   88-GND
  11-D8   24-A5   37-MUTE  50-D10    63-/RAS  76-A5   89-XCK
  12-D9   25-A6   38-/RST  51-D9     64-/CAS  77-A4   90-GND
  13-D10  26-A7   39-NC    52-D8     65-GND   78-GND  91-BCIA
Pin 1..36 = MIPS-CPU bus. Pin 45..87 = SPU-RAM bus (A0,A10-A15,/WE1,OE1=NC). Pin 91..99 = Digital serial audio in/out (A=CDROM, B=EXP, O=OUT).

IC732 - SONY CXD2941R (SPU+CDROM+SPU_RAM) (on PM-41(2) boards)
  1-DA16   23-FILO  45-LOCK  67-FSTO  89-SCSY   111-XCS   133-HD9   155-VSS5
  2-DA15   24-FILI  46-SSTP  68-COUT  90-SCLK   112-XRD   134-HD8   156-HA1
  3-DA14   25-PCO   47-SFDR  69-XDRST 91-SQSO   113-XWR   135-HD7   157-HA0
  4-VDDM0  26-CLTV  48-SRDR  70-DA11  92-SENS   114-HINT  136-HD6   158-VDDM3
  5-DA13   27-AVSSO 49-TFDR  71-DA10  93-DATA   115-XIRQ  137-VDD4  159-XCK
  6-DA12   28-RFAC  50-TRDR  72-DA09  94-XLAT   116-VDDM2 138-HD5   160-DTIB
  7-LRCK   29-BIAS  51-VSSM1 73-DA08  95-CLOK   117-XSCS  139-HD4   161-BCKO
  8-WDCK   30-ASYI  52-FFDA  74-AVSMO 96-XINT   118-XHCS  140-HD3   162-LRCO
  9-VDD0   31-AVDDO 53-FRDA  75-AVDMO 97-A4     119-XHRD  141-HD2   163-DAVDD0
  10-VSS0  32-ASYO  54-MDP   76-DA07  98-A3     120-XHWR  142-VSS4  164-DAREFL
  11-PSSL  33-VC    55-MDS   77-DA06  99-A2     121-DACK  143-HD1   165-AOUTL
  12-ASYE  34-CE    56-VDD2  78-VDDM1 100-A1    122-DREQ  144-HD0   166-DAVSS0
  13-GND   35-CEO   57-VSS2  79-DA05  101-A0    123-XRST  145-VSSM3 167-DAVSS1
  14-C4M   36-CEI   58-MIRR  80-DA04  102-D7    124-VDD3  146-HA9   168-AOUTR
  15-C16M  37-RFDC  59-DFCT  81-DA03  103-D6    125-SYSCK 147-HA8   169-DAREFR
  16-FSOF  38-ADIO  60-AVSM1 82-DA02  104-D5    126-VSS3  148-HA7   170-DAVDD1
  17-XTSL  39-AVDD1 61-AVDM1 83-DA01  105-D4    127-HD15  149-HA6   171-MUTO
  18-VDD1  40-IGEN  62-FOK   84-WFCK  106-VSSM2 128-HD14  150-HA5   172-DATO
  19-GND   41-AVSS1 63-PWMI  85-SCOR  107-D3    129-HD13  151-HA4   173-MTS3
  20-VPCO1 42-TE    64-FSW   86-SBSO  108-D2    130-HD12  152-VDD5  174-MTS2
  21-VPCO2 43-SE    65-MON   87-EXCK  109-D1    131-HD11  153-HA3   175-MTS1
  22-VCTL  44-FE    66-ATSK  88-SQCK  110-D0    132-HD10  154-HA2   176-MTS0

IC732 - SONY CXD2938Q (SPU+CDROM) (on newer boards) (PM-41 boards)
  1-SCLK    27-RFAC  53-TrckR 79-/XINT 105-A0    131-3.5V   157-(tst) 183-A8
  2-GNDed   28-GNDed 54-TrckF 80-SQCK  106-3.5V  132-D9     158-(tst) 184-A7
  3-GNDed   29-CLTV  55-FocuR 81-SQSO  107-A1    133-D8     159-GND   185-A6
  4-SBSO    30-PCO   56-3.5V  82-SENSE 108-A2    134-D7     160-D15   186-A5
  5-WFCK    31-FILI  57-FocuF 83-GND   109-A3    135-D6     161-D0    187-GND
  6-GNDed   32-FILO  58-SledR 84-GND   110-A4    136-D5     162-D14   188-A4
  7-C16M    33-VCTL  59-SledF 85-CD.D7 111-A5    137-3.5V   163-D1    189-A3
  8-3.5V    34-VPC02 60-NC    86-CD.D6 112-3.5V  138-D4     164-D13   190-A2
  9-C4M     35-VPC01 61-GND   87-CD.D5 113-A6    139-D3     165-3.5V  191-A1
  10-GNDed  36-VC    62-NC    88-CD.D4 114-A7    140-D2     166-D2    192-A0
  11-4.3MHz 37-FE    63-GND   89-CD.D3 115-A8    141-D1     167-D12   193-3.5V
  12-12MHz  38-SE    64-(tst) 90-CD.D2 116-A9    142-D0     168-D3    194-NC
  13-V16M   39-TE    65-(tst) 91-CD.D1 117-/IRQ2 143-GND    169-D11   195-(tst)
  14-DOUT   40-CE    66-note  92-CD.D0 118-/IRQ9 144-33MHzS 170-D10   196-GND
  15-LACK   41-CEO   67-note  93-3.5V  119-/RD   145-       171-D4    197-(tst)
  16-WDCK   42-CEI   68-(tst) 94-CD/CS 120-/WR   146-3.48V  172-D9    198-NC
  17-3.5Ved 43-RFDC  69-3.5V  95-CD/WR 121-DMA4  147-ZZ11   173-GND   199-NC
  18-LOCK   44-ADIO  70-(tst) 96-CD/RD 122-GND   148-GND    174-D5    200-NC
  19-GND    45-GND   71-(tst) 97-CD.A0 123-GND   149-GND    175-D8    201-3.5V
  20-MDS    46-IGEN  72-(tst) 98-CD.A1 124-/SPUW 150-ZZ7    176-D6    202-NC
  21-MDP    47-AVD1  73-(tst) 99-CD.A2 125-D15   151-3.48V  177-D7    203-NC
  22-3.5Ved 48-GNDed 74-DATA  100-GND  126-D14   152-/RES   178-/CAS  204-NC
  23-AVDO   49-GNDed 75-XLAT  101-CDA3 127-D13   153-3.5V   179-/WE   205-GND
  24-ASYO   50-GND   76-CLOK  102-CDA4 128-D12   154-ZZ5    180-3.5V  206-(tst)
  25-ASYI   51-GNDed 77-SCOR  103-/CD  129-D11   155-(tst)  181-/OE   207-(tst)
  26-BIAS   52-GNDed 78-GND   104-/SPU 130-D10   156-(tst)  182-/RAS  208-GND
Pin 74..102 = SubCPU. Pin 103..144 = MainCPU. Pin 160..192 = Sound RAM Bus.
Pin 21 and 53..59 = Drive Motor Control (IC722).
Pin 1..47 are probably mainly CDROM related.
Pin 39 "TE9" = IC723.Pin16 - CL709, and via 15K to SPU.39
Pin 66 connects via 4K7 to IC723.Pin19.
Pin 67 not connected (but there's room for an optional capacitor or resistor)
The (tst) pins are wired to test points (but not connected to any components)

CXD2938Q SPU Pinout Notes
Pin 74,75,76,119,120 are connected via 22 ohm.
Pin 103,104 are connected via 100 ohm.
ZZnn = IC405 Pin nn (analog audio related, L/R/MUTE).
Pin 103..142 = System Bus (BIOS,CPU). Pin 160..192 = Sound RAM Bus.
Pin 178 used for both /CASL and /CASH (which are shortcut with each other).
Pin 146 and 151 are 3.48V (another supply, not 3.5V).
Pin 147 and 150 are connected via capacitors.
Pin 195 and 197 testpoints are found below of the pin 206/207 testpoints.
 SPU155 (tst) always low         ;=maybe external audio (serial) this?
 SPU156 (tst) 45kHz  (22us)      ;=probably 44.1kHz (ext audio sample-rate)
 SPU157 (tst) 2777kHz  (0.36us)  ;=probably 64*44.1kHz (ext audio bit-rate)
 SPU158 (tst) always high        ;=maybe external audio (serial) or this?
SPU.Pin5 connects to MANY modchips
SPU.Pin42 connects to ALL modchips
SPU.Pin42 via capacitor to SPU.Pin41, and via resistor?/diode? to IC723.10

CXD2938Q CDROM clocks
  SPU197  (*) 7.35kHz (44.1kHz/6) (stable clock, maybe DESIRED drive speed)
  SPU5    (*) 7.35kHz (44.1kHz/6) (unstable clock, maybe ACTUAL drive speed)
  SPU15   (*) 44.1kHz (44.1kHz*1)
  SPU16   (*) 88.2kHz (44.1kHz*2)
  SPU206  (*) circa 2.27MHz
  SPU70   (*) whatever clock (with SHORT low pulses)
(*) these frequencies are twice as fast in double speed mode.

CXD2938Q CDROM signals
  SPU207  fastsignal?
  SPU195  slowsignal?
  SPU18   usually high, low during seek or spinup or so
  SPU44   superslow hi/lo with superfast noise on it
  SPU73   mainly LOW with occasional HIGH levels...
  SPU72   similar as SPU71
  SPU68   always low...?
  SPU65   whatever?
  SPU75   mainly HIGH, short LOW pulses when changing speed up/down/break

CXD2938Q CDROM/SPU Testpoints (on PM-41 board)
                |                                       | SPU73
                |          CXD2938Q (SPU)               |       SPU72
                |          (on PM-41 board)             | SPU70 SPU71
                |                                       | SPU64 SPU65 SPU68
  SPU206 SPU207 |_______________________________________|
    SPU195                   SPU16                   SPU44
                  SPU18 SPU5 SPU15

IC402 - 24pin AKM AK4309VM (or AK4309AVM/AK4310VM) - Serial 2x16bit DAC
  1-TST?  4-/PD   7-CKS    10-LRCK  13-NC?    16-AOUTL  19-GNDa  22-VREFH
  2-VCCd  5-/RST  8-BICK   11-NC?   14-NC?    17-VCOM   20-NC?   23-VREFL
  3-GNDd  6-MCLK  9-SDATA  12-NC?   15-AOUTR  18-VCCa   21-NC?   24-DZF?
Used only on older boards (eg. PU-8), newer boards seem to have the DAC in the 208pin SPU.
No 24pin AK4309VM datasheet exists (however it seems to be same as 20pin AK4309B's, with four extra NC pins at pin10-14).

IC405 - "2174, 1047C, JRC" or "3527, 0A68" (on newer boards)
Called "NJM2174" in service manual. Audio Amplifier with Mute.
  1  GND
  2  NC     ? via 100ohm to multiout pin 9    ;Audio Left (white cinch)
  3  OUT-R  ?
  4  MUTE1      ;specified as LOW = Mute
  5  MUTE2      ;specified as HIGH = Mute
  6  MUTEC      ;unspecified, maybe capacitor, or output based on MUTE1+MUTE2?
  7  IN-R     via capacitor to SPU.150
  8  BIAS
  9  NC
  10 NC
  11 IN-L     via capacitor to SPU.147
  12 OUT-L  ?
  13 NC     ? via 100ohm to multiout pin 11   ;Audio Right (red cinch)
  14 VCC      +5.0V (via L401)
Audio amplifier, for raising the signals to 5V levels.

IC405 - "NJM2100E (TE2)" Audio Amplifier (on older PU-8 and PU-22 boards)
  2-RIN- IC732.SPU.150
  6-LIN- IC732.SPU.147
  8-VCC 4.9V (+5.0V via L401)

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