no$sns (c) Martin Korth
nocash SNES/SFC emulator/debugger for windows


  • Download no$sns v1.6 (21 Mar 2016) - snes-cd, snapshots, tracelog, st018, bugfixes/details
  • Download no$sns v1.5 (30 Jul 2013) - fullscreen, aspect ratio, better/faster zooming, bugfixes/details
  • Download no$sns v1.4 (24 Oct 2012) - exertainment emulation, improved nss emulation, debug features
  • Download no$sns v1.3 (14 Aug 2012) - emulates nintendo super system, pachinko, twin tap, barcode battler
  • Download no$sns v1.2 (28 Apr 2012) - bugfixes, video/controller cleaning-up, sfc-box, etc.
  • Download no$sns v1.1 (24 Feb 2012) - same as v1.0, plus GSU and SA-1 coprocessor emulation
  • Download no$sns v1.0 (24 Feb 2012) - initial release
  • For getting started, here are some notes on emulation/debugging controls, BIOS files, and ROM-Image formats for NSS and SFC-Box cartridges.
    Details on new features: complete release notes for all versions.

    Hardware Donations
    If you've some old SNES hardware that you want to get rid off, and that you want to donate for emulation and research purposes, some things that I am looking for would be:

  • Naki/Fire Tribal tap (five-player adaptor, the thing has 5 connectors, but only 4 seem to be working)
  • A snes mouse (for testing it's sensitivity/threshold)
  • BSX-Flashcart (mini-flashcart for BSX games)
  • Nintendo Power-Flashcart (big-flashcart with unknown access protocol)
  • Photos of different Hudson (and third-party) Multitap PCBs (don't need to have the real hardware, but would be nice to see what is in there).

  • Aside from SNES hardware, some other stuff that I am currently looking for:
  • Nintendo DSi (or DSi XL, or 3DS) handheld console (region is don't care)
  • Nintendo DSi (or 3DS) game cartridge (region is don't care)

  • Note: shipping address would be in germany. For email/contact, see below.

    If you like no$sns, please donate some money, this will help me to continue to work on emulation projects.


  • The program is 100% assembler code. Accuracy should be quite high (if not: bug are reports welcome).
  • Controllers: 1-2 Joypads, Multitap, Mouse, Lightguns (via mouse), NTT Data Pad, X-Band Keyboard, Twin Tap's, Barcode Battler, Pachinko Dial, Exertainment Bike
  • Coprocessors: SA-1, GSU, DSP, ST010/11, ST018, CX4, OBC1, S-DD1, SPC7110, S-RTC, RTC-4513, SFC-Box, NSS arcade cabinet
  • Add-ons: Satellaview, Super Disc CDROM, Turbofile (TFII and STF)
  • Debugger: Assembler, Disassembler, Xboo-Upload Function (for testing code on real SNES).
  • Requirements: Win95 and up, around 8MB RAM, around 200MHz (tested)
    (on 1GHz computers, most games can run 5-10 times faster as on real hardware).
  • Known Problems

  • Interlace Mode (vertical hires) isn't yet supported (used only by 3 games or so)
  • Offset-Per-Tile Mode isn't yet supported (used by Starfox... and probably by some further games...?)
  • GUIs of Copiers and Cheat Devices should be working (but without actually emulating FDDs or Patches)
  • Actraiser 2 hangs in intro (unknown why)
  • SNES Hardware Specs

  • fullsnes.htm - complete SNES specs, html version.
  • fullsnes.txt - complete SNES specs, text version.
  • sns-scan.gif - scanned SNES schematics.
  • Sample Code

  • Magic Floor - a small search game (includes sample source code for A22i-assembler and Xboo-Upload)
  • Test Programs
    Below are some test programs for confirming some formerly unknown details of the NSS and SFC-Box hardware (by replacing the BIOS with the test EPROM).

  • - Super Famicom Box (Hotel Box) Test Program. (test results: here)
  • - Nintendo Super System (Arcade Cabinet) Test Program. (test results: here)
  • Contact/Homepage

  • Emailing me - snes feeback very welcome.
  • Mailing me - my mailing address.
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