Starfight has been originally created by Herve Couppe for the Amstrad CPC, the game was published as type-in listing in french magazine Hebdogiciel (No 110, 22 nov 1985) and also in Hebdogiciel Hors Serie Amstrad (No 1).

Despite (and because) of it's simpliness Starfight is a really charming game, always inviting the player to hunt for a new high score.

Okay, in 1999 I've disassembled the old CPC version, re-assembled a new CPC version, and finally made a completely playable gameboy version within only 6 days alltogether.

So then, about two years later, in 2001, ported the game to ZX81 also. (That is a 20 years old homecomputer, using a Z80 CPU, running at effectively 0.8MHz.)

Later on I've made some more ports: NES (as mapper 218 single-chip game), plus some unfinished/unreleased ports.

Starfight Downloads
Gameboy version - ca. 4 Kbytes
ZX81 version - ca. 4 Kbytes
NES version - ca. 4 Kbytes

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Gameboy Screenshot
Gameboy version

ZX81 Screenshot
ZX81 version

Language: 100% Assembler. Category: Real Action-Power-Pleasure in only 4K. Year: 1999.